Tuesday 8 September 2015

The Feminists Prayer

From commentor MindStorm, pointing us over to Dalrock's blog:
Oh great hamster in the sky, give us our daily alimony, child support and government cheque. Forgive our ex-husbands but give us their house and in his stead, give us eternal divorce bliss! In thy eternal hamsterisation, Amen!
Oh great hamster in the sky. Give us wimmenz a better deal! Our pitiful husbands be boring, un-tingly and not of high enough status. Oh hamster, give us a speedy frivorce with cash and prizes galore (spacious house included). Grant us too a speedy millionaire handyman, with two or perhaps three holiday homes in various island destinations around the world, to restore our tingles most hastily. Give him a suave Spanish accent too.. Don’t judge us though hamster but instead spin on thy wheel of rationalisations and bring us closer to thy mercy.

In thy hamsterbatory name, Amen!
Beautiful. I too would share a drink with feministhater.


  1. Oh, great Molech.

    Please absolve us of the harmful effects of the yet-to-be-born so that we might still find The One without such baggage. Let us continue to ride the carousel without the tiger scratches that might ruin our figure (even more than currently...) or other evidence of pregancy. Give us the wisdom and the courage to find one man we can hoodwink into giving us everything we want without actually make us have sex with him.

    In Molech we trust.

  2. Barbarosa & the mgtow community, need to realise hating PUA's is actually discrimination against young men

    The mgtow community offers literally nothing to young men

    The main reason PUA's rail against mgtow, is the lack of options it offers to growing young men

    The main reason mgtows hate young men, is the fact young men look for practical solutions to their problems, the MRA & Mgtow offer no practical solutions to the problems young men face, only ideology

    Young men have hormones & sex drives thousands of times higher then most men, instead of catering to young men the MGTOW & MRA need to stop discriminating against young men

    If mgtow want PUA's to stop railing against them, offer solutions young men can apply

    1. Don't you have already the solution? Isn't that "Spin plates"? If that doesn't work, then "Spin more plates"?

    2. What a load of shit.