Thursday 17 September 2015

PostSecret Poison #5

Life gets so busy at times. When there's nothing to say, I concentrate on other things that I enjoy. Right now though, back to the exposed poison of the world.
I had to start with creepy.
Validation. How many succeeded?
Viva la frivorce.
Is this your angry drunk?
Good little girl, sweetheart teenager, raging slut.
Pop psychology doesn't help when you actually loathe yourself and your life.
Got a little father-son action going - hoe.
Cheating on girlfriend and wife. Three girls on the go at once.
Entrapment didn't work.
Late bloomer. Often, a thorough fucking is all someone needs in life to sort out their head.
Predatory female lamenting the one that got away.
Attention-whore. Cut along dotted line.
Did you follow her example?
Insecurity does not become a man.
What tells you you're getting a husband?
So smartly arrogant that ya'all are stupid - and no guy likes a smart chick.


  1. No guy likes a smart chick for being just smart. I can handle smart, but not arrogant. Life is too short regardless, why make it even shorter with stress? :)

  2. - give her a medal /sarc

    1. Pity that I didn't make a copy of the image.

  3. When she has one more man I'll give her a double-gold, like for the 2x 50 years marriage anniversary.