Friday 3 July 2015

Trash Talks

So, my car is getting sorted out at the moment. I take a bus to my current-work-to-be - what the hell, why not. The early-morning/late-night walk to the bus stop is good for me.

What do I hear as I'm looking out the bus window? Trash. In the seats behind me. Reminiscing.

I suppose that it's no real surprise. In this part of NZ, trash takes the bus - because it can't afford a car. I won't broadbrush this behavior as the same for the rest of the world (like America) though I think it's likely. Some places will be different of course: in NY or London, trains make good economic sense.

At any rate. Trash. Reminiscing.


Guy: "Remember <someone's> place? That used to be a great party-house."

Instant peg: good-time guy.

Girl: "Darned right, we had lots of fun there!"

Instant peg: good-time girl.

Girl: "The best metal-house I knew as in Wellington."

Instant peg: long-term party girl ("I like to have fun!" in the Plenty Of Whales dating profile).

More blathering. Including, from the girl: "I remember when <someone's> dog ate our hash-cake. The whole damn hash cake. Damn it!"

Instant peg: drug-user culture. Wannabe-criminal-style scum. Probably tatted to shit and back (I couldn't be bothered looking).

This in the back of a bus, talking quite normally, so others could hear it. No problems with the world knowing the type of person you are. Definitely no shame in this pair.

Deliberately advertising it? Somehow I think more likely they're stupid.

These are Omega types as put forth by BoneCrkr. The criminal scum class of society. The "edgy" types that girls supposedly love, love, love.

Maybe the slutty girls. Which seems to be a distressingly large number in these degenerate days.

So I remember the dancers that I used to hang around with. Filled with these types of good-time girls and good-time guys. I was going to go down that route myself, the route of the PUA...then decided "fuck no, not my path, not my way". (Besides, a Man's got to have some standards himself. Especially a businessman.)

They can look classy. They can act classy. They can sound classy. Only time will reveal if they really are classy. Usually it's just sassy, or arse-y.

If you are seriously in the market for a NAWALT/Unicorn, stay alert for the tiniest hint of this type of shit. I don't think much of your chances - however, filtering out that type will stand you in very good stead. No matter what your ultimate purpose. The less headaches your girl(s) give you, the better your life will be.

Leave the garbage girls for the guys with lower standards.
A note - it's not just low-end criminal scum into drugs. Definitely not. The so-called upper-class does it also.

I know a guy who day-trades currencies. Eight computer screens on a wall, big ones. He's turning 51 years old soon. He's worth I-don't-know-how-many millions these days - used to be over $15 million. He takes various different drugs on a regular basis.

His girlfriend is 37-38 years old. She will be the recipient of an inheritance worth over 50 million pounds (English chick, go figure). She looks a little past it also, for obvious reasons. She also takes various different drugs on a regular basis. I've head her comment, in mixed company while on the town, that she wished she had some E (ecstacy). She wanted to liven up the group, fly in company.

She's also privately had a sneer to me about her currency-trading boyfriend. "I'm worth more than him. I'll eventually inherit over 50 million pounds." With an insufferably smug tone of voice. She owns a business as a dog-groomer and trainer.

How did he and she get together? He said flat-out to her face: "All you have are your looks. And those are going."

Not classy. Either of them.
You can call me a moralistic prig if you want. Drugs, alcoholism, the party-circuit, that whole scene. That is simply not the way I am.

Partly why I ended up walking away from dancing, from a certain sack-of-shit PUA - from going out entirely, in the end.

Technically some of these things are frowned upon - they're against the law. In these degenerate days, you're looked upon as being a moralistic prig if you don't join in wholeheartedly. Hell, I've been called a square to my face by these types of people.

That's not my path, not my way of life. Though in the end, I'm not really that bothered if someone else goes down that way. Cynically flexible enough to say "go for it if you want, I can't be arsed narc'ing on you - not gonna hang around you while you do it either".

Watching a trainwreck in action only has a short-term interest to me. Once you've seen a few, you can guess the most likely outcome of the rest. Hint: "having a moment of clarity and sobering up and sorting out your life" is not generally in that outcome.

Your choice to determine if you want to hang around the trash. Just take responsibility for yourself and your decisions.

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  1. - what a great joke! Whatever you say about Rollo, you can't deny his sense of humor.