Sunday 19 July 2015

Quit Being Stupid

Here's the thing: Men fix shit fast. Women look stupidly at it.

When a problem comes up, he looks at it for maybe two seconds - fixes it - then fucks off and does the next thing.

When a problem comes up, she looks at it for maybe fifty years - whines about it - and then wonders where the fuckin' Men are.

It's retarded. It's retarded how these idiot women semi-think/talk/whinge, and - worse! - it's retarded how we Men keep going back to tell the stupid cunt what reality is. Especially when reality is that it's been fixed.

Only to have her think/talk/whinge about it - again, over and over! - plus adding us into the mix of retarded whining. Because it goes in one ear and out the other. There's nothing in between for it to stick to.

I'm done.

More: we're done.

Fuck it.

You go ahead and keep emoting.
It's not about the nail?


It is about the nail. In ad-fucking-nauseum fucking obsessive fucking detail. With fucking commentary, fucking subtext, and a fucking shit-sandwich thrown in on top of it.

Quit being stupid, cunt. We already fixed the problem. You're still obsessing over it, yet it's done, fixed, finished, time to move on.

Not for you though. You don't believe it's fixed - because we fixed it so fast that you didn't notice. So you say we're clueless about it. Whatever "it" might be.

No. We fixed it. You're clueless.

And now, I'm done. We're done. We're all done.

Maybe in a couple thousand years, you'll get a clue. Unlikely though. You're too fucking retarded and bull-headed stupid.

You'll never make any sense. You can't. It's not in you. So we'll leave you to go deal with your drivel and stupidity by your ownself.

When you start asking: "Where did all the Men go? Where are all the good guys?"

The manosphere normally says things like: "You left them back in your teens and twenties."

I've come to realize that this is wrong. Nope. You drove them away. With your moronic stupidity.

We have better things to do now. I'd wish you good luck - but fuck it, you don't deserve good luck.

Because you have always - and will always - keep pissing all good will away.

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  1. Who is smarter: someone who can fix something, or someone who can manipulate someone else into fixing it?

    I'd answer that is like comparing apples to oranges, asking which ones are tastier.

    1. First doesn't require anyone else to work, second is more versatile.

    2. Except when the first gets tired of being manipulated and says fuck it. Then the manipulator is up shit creek.

      Of course, there's always someone else to manipulate - so wth wth.

    3. - don't be one, then.

    4. - LULZ (I have to take him at his word, as I don't watch teevee).