Sunday 19 July 2015

None Of Their Business

I've been vaguely thinking about the bullshit shaming tactics going on in certain segments of the Manosphere. (I get the feeling that these tactics will basically split up and destroy the Manosphere - because they're divisive by nature with those who take the time to truly think about things - however, that's an entirely different post.)

We've already basically worked out that in many cases, it's because they (the shamers) are attempting to add to their demographic. People who listen to them, people who buy their stuff, loyal fanboi's, narcissistic ego enhancement - crap like that.

All rife everywhere in life and the world, of course.

They're trying to build a gang (or herd) of their own. Thus they troll/shame others - both newcomers and long-established - within the Manosphere. They use the standard categories of female-style shaming tactics to try and shame these others into thinking and acting the way that they desire.

Like that's gonna do much with regards to the truly independent thinkers.

So here is something that might help you in dealing with these fuckwits. Ask them this simple question (directly, or in your mind): What the hell business of yours is it, what I do?

Reality is: It's none of their fuckin' business.

You are totally free to do or not do whatever you fuckin' desire in life.

Never mind what someone else thinks. Preferably without some pig with an agenda attempting to shame you for it. So long as you're prepared to deal with the consequences like an adult.

(For example, dealing drugs is generally frowned upon by society and civilization - you might get killed by the competition - you'll probably get chucked in jail if you're caught - but that's your fuckin' lookout. That's your business. That's your responsibility. Own the consequences of whatever you do.)

Of course, there are a billion-plus people in this world who would rather that you follow the script that they follow. They're too brainwashed to know better. (Plus a lot of them feel like they're bad people if you're doing better'n them - so they'll try to cut you down - tall poppy syndrome lives everywhere!)

There's another billion-plus people in this world who want you to follow the script of their devising. One that fills their pockets. (I'm not just talking women wanting you to do stuff for their benefit - I'm also talking the people who design-and-make the river of shit "stuff" which they try to brainwash you into believing that you "can't live without".)

Both are bullshit.

You probably need to be one of the few people who thinks for themselves - decides for themselves - chooses their lives for themselves - and hey, if you want to buy into some parts of other people's scripts, that's your business.

If making a good chunk of money to enjoy a good life is you, go for it.

If starving the government beast and sucking off the public teat is you, go for it.

If going completely ghost and avoiding society is you, go for it.

If you want to be reasonably independent and not getting screwed over or screwed around by others, you need to do your own thinking and make your own choices. Then stick with them. You don't have to tell anyone else - it's not their business - it's yours alone.

Always remember: these fucker's have an agenda. One that's for their benefit, most likely not for yours - and most likely at your expense.

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