Monday 6 July 2015

Too Bad for Greece

So the Greeks have fucked themselves up the ass. It's no surprise.

From The Wall Street Journal:

Polls Close in Greek Referendum

So yes. Basically they've fucked themselves up the ass. Got their cake, eating it too. Plus their neighbor's. Possibly yours as well, if they could get their grasping little hands on it.

Which they will try. At the polls they put out a country-wide message of public social entitlement that is near-stunning to behold. I can imagine future messages from them along the lines of "please help meeeeeee" - at least, from teh wimminz in the country. Coupled with shaming attempts along the lines of "too gutless to help those in need" blah blah blah blah blah.

Good shaming attempt, kiddo.

Your problems. You want us to step in and sort it out for you. Only if I can beat some sense into you - because otherwise you'll just do it again, and again, and again...expecting me to help you out of your self-induced woes again, and again, and again...

One of the comments that made me just about piss myself laughing (emphasis and formatting mine):
The Greeks are dancing and drinking Ouzo throughout the night. What an incredible victory they are celebrating against all of those mean-spirited Europeans who made them borrow (and spend) a lot of money. Tomorrow (or the day after), they will wake up and have to deal with a brutal hangover unless of course they hold another referendum and win a vote against hangovers. No matter. 
The Greeks can continue to behave like Greeks. 
Tsipras and his gang still don't understand that their amateurish grandstanding has effectively eliminated the necessary level of popular support required for Merkel to negotiate any form of compromise. The gig is up. 
Those of you spouting about this event portending the end of the Euro zone or western civilization should get a grip. This is merely the end of Greece as a modern country and few of us remain that care. We're too busy working and living within our means.
Life's a party boys and girls! For those of you working and living within your means - you win the prize - you get to prop up this mess with (the loss of) your hard-earned investments and savings!

Time for an irrelevant Greek joke:
One evening a man takes his son up to the top of a hill that overlooks his village and the ships of the local fishermen in the bay. 
Father: "Son, I have brought you up her for a lesson. I want you to look down on both sides of this hill. What do you see?" 
Son: "I see the village houses down there father, and the fishermen's boats tied up down there father." 
Father: "Yes son. You are right. Do you know that I built several buildings in the village, son?" 
Son: "Yes, father." 
Father: "And you know that I built several of those boats, son?" 
Son: "Yes, father." 
Father: "Son, am I called Gaetan the House Builder?" 
Son: "No, father." 
Father: "Son, am I called Gaetan the Boat Builder?" 
Son: "No, father." 
Father: "Exactly son. I build houses. I build boats. I am not known for doing those things." 
Then the Father raises one finger: "But when you fuck just one goat...!"
Or perhaps not so irrelevant...

Never mind. I'm certain that the lefties will fall over themselves in their haste to help prop up this wastrel country. "The poor dears! Just think of all those Greek children starving in the streets. The poor poor dears!"

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  1. There really are no good guys in the Greek come-tragedy. The socialist EU banksters versus the even more socialist Greeks.