Wednesday 29 July 2015

So Much Fail

Commentor Mindstorm links to an interesting thread:
I took the liberty to link your declaration "What is MGTOW?" in a debate with someone badmouthing MGTOW as the secular equivalent of Shakers here:
Which is all good. The copyright on this blog is: "Just fucking use it, don't be so fucking PC!" Which of course opens me up wide to plagiarism and people making money off of stolen content and suchlike, but what the fuck what the fuck. Hopefully some of the thoughts and sentiments make sense to those who read them, whether they paid for 'em or not.

Any rate. I'm going to quote a comment (which was in reply to that dumbass twat named DifferentTree) and dig into it a little, use it to expose some of the MGTOW thinking - and the why of why we happen to think in this way:
Your comparison to MGTOW is a pretty good one, but I’m seeing something more depressing in MGTOW in that its a kind of totalistic defeatism which skews history to an extreme pessimism for men. Mention bringing back patriarchy to a MGTOW and they will respond that even patriarchy is pseudo-slavery to women. Thus men must become like Shakers I guess and live in the wilderness crying about how there is no possible society which doesn’t suck for them. This is extremely unhealthy and thankfully many in the Manosphere are calling this out for what it is. MGTOW are the Shakers of the Manosphere.
You really do need to read The Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb. It's free, it's worth the reading, and - when you think about it - you will begin to see that the West (more specifically, America) is in the final, waning years of Empire. (Counting from the Declaration of Independence in 1776, America is *just about* in the final decade of the 10-generation/250-year lifespan of your typical Empire.)

Now to cherrypick and refute points.

*Skews history to an extreme pessimism for men* - there are so many reasons for this. Basic cost-benefit analysis shows that modern marriage and women are not really worth the effort. Add to that the high chances of divorce in the modern Marriage 2.0 market, plus concomitant loss of both freedom and income. Also, read The Fate of Empires - the decline period is marked by such pessimism.

*Mention bringing back patriachy to a MGTOW and they will respond that even patriarchy is pseudo-slavery to women* - true, MGTOW will definitely say this. Because it is very much a true statement. Marriage is a huge sacrifice for men. To get men to marry, there must be something worthwhile for them in their opinion.

Unless they've been brainwashed, they aren't gonna do it for someone else out of the goodness of their heart. Brainwashing someone, lying to someone, to lure or force them into a situation where they are compelled to cater to someone else's every whim for the rest of their life is nastiness (should I call it evil?) of a high order.

Thus the "slavery" comment is both relevant and true. I will go out on a limb and state that it is worse than old-time slavery because it is covert rather than being overt. Only doublethink can explain how these people are capable of lying to themselves in such a manner. I'm giving them the benefit of assuming they are lying to themselves, and are not simply paying lip-service for their own ends.

So certain men aren't just gonna say "yeah sure bring back patriarchy and I will marry those high-quality sluts with the thousand-cock stare who have taken 500 miles of cock". Which most likely means changing to some form of social construct - whether old-style patriarchy or something else - which is very simple and clear-cut, not going to be retroactively changed, and actually gives to men a hell of a lot of value to them in a manner that can never be taken away from them.

In a manner which they will believe.

Else they just won't do it.

Maybe I'm crazy for thinking this way. I have an overwelming urge to say "no duh, fuckwit" when I say things like: "In a manner which they will believe." and "Else they just won't do it." Like, d'oh! Why would they!

Would you cut your foot off because someone asked you to? Would you cut your heart out because someone asked you to? Would you hand someone half-plus of your accumulated assets and a good chunk of your income for the rest of your life because they asked you to? Does it matter if it's a man or woman doing the asking? D'oh! Why would you!
*live in the wilderness crying about how there is no possible society which doesn't suck for them* - a true enough statement in a limited way. Because most men are realistic enough to see that they're not going to be getting anything other than the short stick for a helluva long time in the current social environment. Over 50% of the voters are female, over 50% of the men in this world are brainwashed to always kiss teh wimminz ass.

That's over 75% of people in the world who will automatically vote for more bennies for teh wimminz and less bennies for teh eeeevil menz. The spirit of Benedict Arnold lives on. You poor sons of bitches in the MRA movement really don't have much chance of changing things. Good luck trying, though. I give you kudo's for the effort, even when I think you're kinda crackers.

*extremely unhealthy* - if you're only looking at the surface (include the quote above, too). On a deeper level we expose our experiences as a warning for other men who have not yet slipped up by marrying a poor choice of subpar woman. So here's a question: do you have another (sensible) option for passing this accumulated (modern) wisdom on?

Because sure as shit, the various churches have fallen down on the job of passing on the Wisdom of Ages to their parishioners. Which is why many of the religion-focused blogs themselves call modern churches "churchianity" - their function has been twisted around to help teh wimminz, in an effort to regain and retain numbers.

*MGTOW are the Shakers of the Manosphere* - interesting. Is this another "MGTOW are loser neckbeards who can't get laid" mentality? Mindstorm already pointed him to the final answer, though.

So much fail.

In some ways I get kinda amused when someone badmouths MGTOW. They seem incapable of grasping that men can make a wholly-rational cost-benefit analysis - and act upon it. That's why some of them seem to reflexively pull out what amounts to "you're just emo losers" shaming language, with a lack of self-awareness which is breathtaking.

Or is this simply that they haven't really thought it through? They're still running on the Blue Pill script that society forced down their throats, instead of taking a long/hard/painful look at reality?

The difference between marriage with a poorly-chosen or subpar woman and the lottery is that you *might* actually win the lottery. Pardon me for not buying lottery tickets: I know the odds far too well to think of it as a sure-fire road to wealth.
Yeah. Very lucky. Cash that looks-ticket in, chicky-babe. Those lips look like they've been wrapped around 100+ cocks. We know the score.

Certainly, many MGTOW would say straight out "patriarchy is still slavery for the man". Because it's true. So: do you have another option? One which doesn't involve manning up and marrying a Dubai Porta Potty, to be cuckolded at whim and frivorce-raped later on in life? Or doesn't that really register, because it only happens to other men?

(Would you cry if you found out that it had happened to you? I have been buried balls-deep in a woman's asshole within half an hour of meeting her - a woman who turned out to be married. Was she your wife? Would it bother you if she was? Do you like the thought of bringing up some thug man's children? Do you like the thought of being cuckolded?)


Yes, in the old days a Man might decide to wife up some soiled dove (I forget where I read about it happening - IIRC it used to be in the Wild West/frontier). He got a lot out of that relationship, his soiled dove had to bring a lot more to the table than the average woman, because she knew that she was used-up shit and he would tolerate less. So he wouldn't do it without some huge gain (no duh!) because it's far easier and cheaper for him to simply go for a variety of young prostitutes.

But then, we already know that society considers the Dubai Porta Potties and Miriam Week's aka Belle Starr's and Debbie Does Dallas (go Bambi!) and various other sluts of their ilk to be wonderful paragons of female worth.

(How about Lisa Sparxxx, the porn "actress" who holds the World Gangbang Record of 919 guys in the same day? According to Wikipedia she's married - guess her hubby likes being cuckolded! Do you like the idea of having the "honor" of being the 920th guy to fuck your girlfriend or wife? Though in her case it's probably close to the 2,000-mark for men in that pussy.)

Fuck that shit.

To Hell with the degeneracy of the last days of our Empire.

To Hell with these unthinking morons who give you shit for using your brains.

Point them at the truth and then walk away.

Go out and live.


    Consider these two anecdotes, taken together. Given the choice, would you be rather Mr Right, or Mr Right Now? That's why all exhortations to 'man-up' will fall on deaf ears. That's why the U.S. is in decline, and the rest of the world is following it, lagging more or less (even Muslim Iran).

    1. - notice what Ian is advocating for young men here:

      "So we're telling them to drop out. Drop out of college, turn their back on corporate achievement, and withdraw their active support and energy from society until feminism relents and decides to actually talk to us, not merely scream at us. We're telling them to withdraw their participation and focus solely on their own well-being. We're establishing the meme that a man who works on a woman's behalf has betrayed his self-interest and that of his fellow men. We're telling our boys that feminism is a foe, that women are all suspect, and that they should have fear and suspicion in their hearts when approaching the topic . . . because any other perspective for men in a post-feminist world is not going to be in his best interests."

      It looks better than manning-up mantra, that's sure. How I wish to be wrong and see someone like him have a better idea than just GYOW....

    2. I choose option Q and go my own way - because both A and B have their drawbacks.

      Ian has a somewhat "unique" perspective on women, because he's both married and works in the porn industry. You'd wake up real quick in that kinda job. Give you a hint: those slores are still highly entitled and fucked in the head.

      That triggers some interesting thoughts about porn videos. I wonder if that's why a lot of people push the anti-porn bandwagon: "This is your brain, this is your brain on porn, any questions?"

      Watching a variety of cute chicks performing various acts of depravity repeatedly on film is probably a heavy-duty force-feeding of the Red Pill.

    3. You are saying that now, I guess in your forties. Well, would you say the same back in your twenties? I was much more boner-driven then than now, approaching 40.

      "Porn is addictive" they say? More than chocolate? Or, for that matter, a genuine, real-life pussy? :)

    4. Currently 49. Mmmm, in my twenties. I will concede that one. Though there were times when I walked away from it: even then, I knew some pussy wasn't worth the effort. Pity that I forgot that once I went down the married route.

      Yeah, "porn is addictive" - no, I am beginning to think that what they call "excessive" porn use might be a gateway to the Red Pill. It better be some pretty high-quality and well-rounded pussy LOL

    5. - courtesy of Boxer from Dalrock's (we have some issues we are in a disagreement on, though :) ). As I wrote earlier, the pair bond has the expiration period. It requires 'more legal backing' than currently is available for men to 'dive in' the one-sided contract that now stands for marriage. The unusual frailty of lesbian 'marriages' is a damning evidence.

    6. ^ it was:
      more 'legal backing'.

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