Thursday 2 July 2015

Against Immigration

Ex-Army puts up a post about Ann Coulter and how she rakes the left's concepts of immigration versus the reality over the coals:

Coulter the Outlier

It's an excellent read, as is the link to a TakiMag article about it, and I'm picking that her book ¡­Adios America! would be just as good. Apparantly the best part of the book boils down to:
“The running joke of the book is that liberals don’t get that they’ve unleashed on America the opposite of the principles they claim to uphold.”
Of course, leftists have an amazing set of blinkers when it comes to not-seeing anything that would threaten their worldview. In the end it'll probably be a hit only with people who deal with the real world - and not those who deal in the fantasy-world of: elves, rainbows, unicorns, unicorns that shit rainbows, and feeeeelz.

Reality hurtz, don't it lefties?

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