Thursday 19 October 2017

Leftist Power

So the closet Commies are in power in New Zealand. Going on past performance this is going to be a nasty three years. Thank you, Winston.

As I said to commentor Ragnar back on my post about the Hillary-Jacinda Effect, I was a bit worried about Winston. He's been known to be an opportunist. Turns out that I was right. I suppose that in retrospect it is not too surprising that the NZ First back-end decided to go with Labour: Winston represents the older, poorer people - and poor people make poor decisions and love having free shit flung their way.

That's the basic modus operandii behind the whole idea of importing 3rd world people and giving them free shit - enticing them to vote for you.

Ancient Chinese curse:
May you live in interesting times
May you come to the attention of powerful people
It will be an interesting time. More free shit for the poor people. I wonder where all that money will come from?

Will we be like the USA, which under Obama slapped another $7.9 trillion on the national debt:

That's quite the poison-pill that you guys got there - especially from Obama, who didn't end up pulling American troops out of the Middle East. Ooops.

I'd like to do a similar graph for New Zealand, can't find the numbers at present. Since this is a long weekend, I have other things to plan for the moment.

It's gonna be an interesting 3 years.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent20 October 2017 at 04:17

    Calvin Coolidge was always my favorite prez, but even here in the states nobody has heard of him. Why? He was the "do nothing" president. As in, sat on his ass and did nothing, except veto just about everything that came to his desk. And looky there, by your chart, 5 million went off the national debt. As much as I'm pulling for him, we need more Coolidges, not more Trumps.

    1. Harding and Coolidge, you've got it. The pair of them reduced your debt by -$2 and -$5 billion respectively, no other presidents have ever done that.

      Vetoing stuff which comes across the desk is an excellent sign. There is someone looking at things and saying "that is not a good idea". The results are in the reduction of that debt, damn good budgeting.

      Trump, we will see - early days yet for America. Maybe he'll be one of those who do minimal increase, or maybe his policies will end up decreasing the hemorrhaging of your lives.