Friday 13 October 2017

A Society of Cucks

Hold on tight - it's getting very ugly in here. Leftists, feminists, and wimminz - prepare to scream. Cucks - well, I'd say prepare to cut your own balls off, but you already did that. Can't cut off what's already long-gone.

Worst part though: you cuck motherfuckers cut off the balls off every other Man you could, in Western civilization. Legal-wise.

Let's hit it.

Sunrise Hoodie has a good video regarding the realities of marriage, sex, divorce, etc - "Why Wives Are Increasingly Adulterous", which came from a CNN headline:
There's a good amount of interesting thought regarding the modern (inflated) expectations of men/women regarding marriage.

He talks of various things to blame: Hollywood, Shakespeare, Prince Charming, your friendly White Knight motherfucker down the bar, etc. (Note that all of these are cucks in one form or another.) All of these end up causing impossible expectations of:

* shame-free no-fault divorce
* marriage to be filled with hot passion-filled sex for years and years

As he states, this is obviously blown way out of proportion - impossible expectations. As he states (and I can attest to personally in my own marriage) the wild-monkey-sex stage lasts 3 years, tops. After that it's just the same-old-same-old humpy-pumpy. Generally dull. Pretty-much to be expected over time, and people wouldn't have done it (restricting themselves to the same-old-same-old) if there wasn't some very good benefits for doing so.

At least, back when. This no longer applies.

He goes to break down what he thinks marriage is:

* children
* raising those kids in a safe and secure and environment
* for the dismissal of old ways in building new character and long-term benefit
* sex is just a by-product

My opinion: he's right about the first two and the last one. I do not grasp his meaning with regard to "dismissing old ways in building new character". This makes no sense to me - perhaps someone can figure it and explain it in simple one-syllable concepts that I can grasp.

He also mentions listless men who check out of marriage - I don't think that he's entirely correct here. I will address that further down.

At any rate, I dealt with a bunch of this quite some time ago in my post: Back To Basics: What Is Marriage For?

I've also stated at various times that we men did this shit to ourselves. We didn't have to let cupcake go wild. We could have fed the cunt a knuckle sandwich when she opened her mouth. Instead, we threw the cunt a bone - because we were too soft'n'easy on her.

Old joke: "What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, she's been told twice already."
We could have still been that. We should still be that.

Because that is what keeps our civilization working, rather than the pussified decline we are going through these days.

Yeah. Instead we went pussified. Which is why we now have things like "Why Wives Are Increasingly Adulterous". Dumb shit being shoved down our throats, by the crap leftist media - who, despite being known fake news, still do a great deal of shaping of the shit-storm hellhole mess which is laughably known as our Western society.

Because wimminz and cucks are too stupid to see reality. Especially when they think that it will ultimately benefit them. Willful blindness, along with lying to yourself, is a real thing.

Hell, I wrote about hypergamy being just a label. Back on that post, RmaxgenactivePUA stated:
Rollo seems to think hypergamy is hard wired & the solution is game ... Don't blame women, its biology, not women being feral backward retards.
As I basically stated back then: when we give it a name and state that it's evolved behavior, we're just throwing out an opportunity for some pussy motherfucker to give cupcake another pussy-pass. A pussy-pass which is currently being force-evolved into another free-for-all-fuckfest of socially-acceptable female adultery.

Frankly: not actually acceptable. PUAs accept it - and condone it - because that gives them the green light to take full advantage of it. Thus, the penchant for fucking married women. (Which I have done myself, in my pre-aware bad-boy stage of life. Fully knowing that she was married. A lot of men may not know, or ever learn.)

From back when:
Going back to inertia. All these sluts and whores flashing their legs, ass, and pussy at a man - if that's all he can see around, he thinks it's normal. The inertia has kicked in. Nobody is restraining such behavior in any manner. Therefore it must be normal. He may as well join in, what the fuck, this is what normal people do.
He becomes crap in his turn. Tattoos. Piercings. What the fuck, there's plenty of examples of it. Those maggots are getting pussy, too. Drama. Horseshit. Sally blurts out that she's pregnant. You're pregnant?! Hey, Sally's knocked up! Holy fuck, I'm leaving town! Whadda ya mean you're leaving town - the whole fucking town is leaving town!
Out comes the sproglet. It looks around. Oh, so this is normal. Suck that thumb kid. Yeah, this is normal.
The cycle of trash goes around.
Cheating. Adultery. Extremely crap behavior. All the new normal. The cycle of trash, going around, trashier and trashier.

Let's look at it on a deeper level, now.

Men as a whole, we did this to ourselves? Yes, in a way.

On a deeper, more detailed level, though - cucks and wimminz as a whole, did it to all and sundry without their actual consent. Because thanks to duh-mock-rah-see (aka mob-rule), the greater number of stupid fuckers who see only short-term gain for themselves went and imposed their will upon everyone else. Because they're too stooooopid to see that fucking with the family unit tears down the civilization/society that we live in and that makes life so much easier for us all.

Yes Men, we can thank teh wimminz and teh cuckz for this situation we are in.

A hundred-plus years ago we could have drop-kicked that cheating slut of an ex-wife out of our lives and made sure that our children at least had the best-chance possible to grow up and become new, worthwhile and decent citizens. All in the name of growing our civilization to the greatest good for ourselves and those around us.

These days, lay a finger on her - you're in jail with your ass getting eyed up by Bubba. Two black eyes for the cheating bitch? Forget it. Kick the cheating bitch's ribs, or head, in? Forget it. Bubba will have your ass for the next 20 years of your life.

Sunrise Hoodie speaks of listless men. In my opinion this is not listless men. This is powerless men.

Put a finger on her - Bubba. She can at any time complain that she's not haaaappy. Upon pain of legal pain, upon pain of taking it up the ass from Bubba, thanks to teh wimminz and teh cuckz, we must take it without the slightest murmur of dissent.

She haz teh powah. False rape accusations. False allegations of domestic/physical abuse. False allegations of emotional(?!) abuse (aka "he refused to buy me that purse and them shoez"). Lie to get a legal injunction against a man. She can emotionally, verbally, and physically abuse any man - period! - and if he lays back into her, "society" (aka the crap-hole created and shaped by wimminz opinions) will lay into him with a red-hot barbwire whip of social ostracism. To start with.

We can push our luck. If we own nothing, feel free to slap her up - she can divorce to her heart's content, ain't gonna get shit. A legal injunction might actually be a relief for you.

However. For those of us who have something. We can go MGTOW. Our only defense, not to play the rigged game. Our only defense, to get the fuck off the plantation. Our only defense, never going back near these crazy cunts.

So teh wimminz are becoming more adulterous. Or more accurately: more openly adulterous.

Most accurately of all: slutting it up because they fuckin' can, and you can't stop 'em - you bastard male piece of shit who wants to hold wimminz back from doing whatever they want, exploring whatever they want, and fucking up their lives however they want.

Because teh cuckz have given her teh pussy pass and the green light to go full-fucking-retard in whatever way she wants. Society (most especially in the form of teh cuckz) will happily pick up the resulting tab from these crazy cunts.

Cucks. You stupid-assed White Knight motherfuckers:
You deserve to be taken for every fuckin' penny.

You will be taken for every fuckin' penny.

And you will like it. Because you're cucks. You're built that way, broken, somewhere deep inside.

Let's describe what might be termed as "the ultimate cuck's endgame".

Currently, the media are pushing the narrative of women becoming more openly promiscuous. Even adulterous. It's becoming more "socially acceptable" for women - even and especially married ones - to fuck around.

Anything to bring spice back to the sex-life, y'know.

I think that within ten years, this is going to become the "new normal". Women will openly fuck around on their men. Hubbies. Boyfriends. Whatever.

She wants to do her Gangbang Barbie, and she will:
Openly. Perhaps even letting her "man"-of-the-moment know the full details.

It might go to the extent of videos, even. "Hey hubzy-cuck, here's the video of me getting gangbanged by fifteen big black cocks this evening. I got blasted in every orifice and all over the face. You will watch it. Now. By the way, I've put it up for all and sundry to watch on Facebook."

The new normal takes hold.

As an anonymous commentor once put it:
...our culture and civilization has been betrayed by women.
And men have a deep revulsion for traitors.
Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

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