Sunday 8 October 2017

A Litany Of Slaughter

So this graphic is doing the rounds at present:
Being a generally skeptical bastard, I decided to do some hunting. I found the same list on Snopes, this has been rejigged.

So then I got into the CDC's website and started looking, first at leading causes of death for 2014 (page 5):

All Deaths - 2,626,418

...of which the top 10 are...

Heart disease - 614,348
Malignant deoplasms - 591,700
Chronic lower respiratory diseases - 147,101
Accidents (unintentional injuries) - 135,928
Cerebrovascular disease - 133,103
Alzheimer's disease - 93,541
Diabetes mellitus - 76,488
Influenza and pneumonia - 55,227
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis - 48,146
Intentional self-harm (suicide) - 42,826

Hmmm. No guns. Let's go looking for guns - Table 18 in the same document (page 87):

All Injuries - 199752

...of which they are broadly split to...

Unintentional - 135,928
Suicide 42,826
Homicide - 15,872
Undetermined - 4,597
Legal intervention/war - 529

Note "legal intervention" - that's where #BlackShitMatters came into being. Fuck off you motherfuckers! Back to guns:

Firearms - 33,594

...split into...

Unintentional - 461
Suicide - 21,386
Homicide - 11,008
Undetermined - 275
Legal intervention/war - 464

Still nothing on abortion. I'm going to have to go hunting for it special.

Here I find it, on the CDC's pages about reproductive health - Abortion Surveillance 2013:

Legally Induced Abortions - 664,435 (from 49 reporting areas)

Note the word legally - there will be a few back-street ones as well, by those who cannot get it legally - not reported of course.

So returning to the original graphic, the numbers should be:

Abortions - 664,435 (2013)
Homicides - 11,008 (2014)

Which makes it 60x more abortions in the USA than there are murders by gun.

Let's control the guns!

This is what you fuckwits get when you listen to the leftist media's bullshit.

Here's a statistic - you are twice as likely to die from gun-suicide than gun-homicide. Prevent suicide! Control the guns!

Unfortunately, only 1/2 of suicides are by gun - there are plenty of other ways to kill yourself as well. [Edited mistake. - BPS]

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  1. Eduardo the Magnificent9 October 2017 at 04:51

    Also noted that nobody batted an eye at medical errors, infections caught at the hospital, and drugs. If you want to know who your masters are, find out who you're not allowed to criticize.

    1. We are all slaves. To our own blind-spots and stupidity, if nothing else.

      That said, if we become aware of this tendency, we can at least attempt to do something about it.