Tuesday 10 October 2017

Overall Decline

Aaron Clarey slams one out of the park, as he describes the overall decline of Western society:
Like him, I cannot name the latest music. The infiltration of lazy, talentless people is stunning.

A sad look at reality.

Also sad that he felt he had to say "not you" with regard to his viewers. Multiple times. Are people really that soft-minded? To the point where he had to specifically say "not you" so much to his audience?

Note: My personal opinion is that most modern art is crap - perhaps because of the modern mentality of kissing ass. Something about an oral-fecal obsession is "in" these days. As Aaron states, we seem to desire a pursuit of ugliness these days.

The most frightening thought that occurred to me, while watching this?

The Millennials willingly went into a lifetime of crushing debt, to become willingly indoctrinated into their insane mindset.


  1. Today's music is statistically, scientifically, mathematically bad. There is less variety in the music produced today than ever before.

    And, of course, auto-tune. Have you noticed that with notable exceptions like Adele, all female pop vocalists sound identical?

    1. There seems to be this rather large void between Michelle Branch/Vanessa Carlton and Adele, isn't there?

    2. Modern music on the whole (especially pop music) has seemingly become bland and formulaic.

      Thinking about it - this is hardly surprising, given that the studios latched onto it and started churning it out in the simplest possible form for maximum profits.

      I could make a case for modern movies following the same process. It's rare to find one that doesn't follow an X->Y->Z formula, generally with some form of leftist/SJW message or agenda. Tick all the boxes, check check check.

      The last movie that I can think of was 13 Hours.