Wednesday 25 October 2017


The importance of standards, an interactive example with a wimminz from a couple of days ago:

Her: You need to lower your standards.

Me: You need to marry an alcoholic chain-smoker. One packing 150 kilos of pure fat.

Her: ...

Me: Hypocrite.

That last said while openly laughing in her face. She started giggling in return.

I don't smoke, neither does she. I drink a little, ditto. I'm currently single, ditto. I'm generally slim and in shape, ditto.

Yeah, I should lower my standards and chase an alcoholic chain-smoker fatty (common as dirt here and worth about as much). Like that's going to happen.

Yeah, she really should lower her standards and marry an alcoholic chain-smoker fatty. Like that's going to happen.

Small, gentle digs, to let 'em know that you're onto their horseshit.

There's no need to go nuclear every time. Save that for the psycho pieces of shit who go nuclear on you.

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