Tuesday 19 April 2016

Death of a Manspace

I've been away from my gym for a couple of weeks, it's been difficult staying in semi-shape for that time. Even doing a lot of walking, and some bodyweight exercises, I gained a couple kilos. So I go back...what do I see...
Female Friendly Workout Zone
(I won't put up the picture - too identifying - you get the drift.)

Oh my.

So looking around, an area of about 1/4 of the gym - that used to be filled with various machines designed to push iron to the sky - has been partitioned off with some cutesy screens with a cutout of some stylized silhouette of a sculptured chick. It's all marked up now with "Women's Only Zone" and shit like that. Said screens basically allowing people to peek through.

I walked to the entrance of the area and looked around inside. Spacious - you could almost say expansive. A few machines around the outer area, the middle totally open. Plenty of friendly space for teh wimminz to work out in.

I look at the remaining 3/4 of the gym. Most of the original machines have been crammed into it, making things cramped and inconvenient for teh eeeevil menz.

"Female Friendly" - reverse those two. Female becomes male, Friendly becomes unfriendly. Male Unfriendly.

I can smell the trainwreck coming a mile away. Cater to the pussy. One day, some man will be noticed casually glancing at the area, and teh wimminz will be going "oh, we don't feel safe any more".

These cunts belong in Contours, a women-only gym. Not in this gym. Not around guys who have stainless-steel bowling balls for nuts.

I'm already looking for a new gym. I might be shit outta luck. That's the problem with living in the ass-end of nowhere in Bum Fuck New Zealand.


  1. I used to jog. I found that not convenient any more but I still think it is the best. I think for me sit-ups are important also. At least these are things that do not need a gym.

    1. I might end up doing GoRuck, given that I enjoy day-tramping.

  2. Dress in drag, and go in!

  3. It's the same situation in the UK mush: female only gyms are allowed, but male only ones aren't.

  4. can't you just build your own home gym?

  5. Manspaces must be invaded - how dare men have places of their own! Yet reverse that mindset to "how dare women have places of their own" and they start screaming mindlessly at you...

    Technically I could build my own home gym. However, I like the energy of a gym. In a home gym, that group male energy of going balls-to-the-wall is absent.