Friday 29 April 2016

Social Self-Destruction

Ah, the old Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson.
The irony: this was meant to be satire. The reality these days is that there are gamer superstars in Korea and suchlike. There are people who make a living by "farming" games for items to sell to rich-and-lazy Westerners. You see it everywhere in games these days. Hell, they're blatantly advertising inside the games.

Look at the mindset exhibited in the above comic panel. Then look around you.

Tiger Mothers. Western women. A long time ago I wrote about pitying the children of modern women.

Somewhere fairly recently, I read about Silicon Valley - the high-tech nerds there are creating the next-generation of "social integration apps", yet their personal relationships are self-destructing or failing to launch.

Fucking ironic when you think about it. These people are so near-autistic that they can't form proper social bonds, yet they are attempting to create platforms to facilitate social interactions. Laughable.

Now look again. As a society, here we are attempting to shove our children into an X-shaped box so that they become "just like" Silicon Valley nerds.

Materially successful: making money so that they can buy lots of shit that they don't really need to live. (Though it sure is good for a parasite woman.)

Socially disastrous: incapable of being socially connected. (This makes it easier for a parasite woman to socially isolate and manipulate them.)

Societally destructive: the wrong kind of example of what people should aspire to, who are also developing "new" methods of forcing others to interact in given ways - just like they do, or rather don't. (This helps parasite women achieve their dream of cash-and-prizes without fear of social retribution from these obviously-defective males.)

Talk about everything being crippled by definition.

Spiraling inwards, intensifying, until the ultimate going up their own orifice and imploding - taking society with it.

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