Sunday 11 October 2015

Women's Whinging Starts Early

This is something that mankind has known for some time (thousands upon thousands of years):

* women are never happy
* women always want more
* women think the world revolves around them
* women always whinge until they get what they want (for the moment)

Unfortunately we men have recently (over the last two-three generations) been brainwashed out of understanding these basic and easily-observable truths. These truths have been replaced with such things as:

* sugar and spice...
* happy wife, happy life...
* she's the better half...
* she can do no wrong...

Blah, blah, ad fucking nauseum. Replacing the "politically incorrect" aka truth that paints women in a bad light (you misogynist pig!) with the "politically correct" aka ten tons of bullshit that allow her to get away with murder (literally...but she's so cuuuuute!).

Thankfully it doesn't take too much kicking in the balls for men to start realizing the lies that they've been told. (Hopefully not too much, anyway.) After you've had your name splattered with lying mud multiple times, been dragged through the rape-court/domestic abuse court/divorce court - you generally start getting a fuckin' clue.

That's assuming that you're not a hopeless case. Which some men really are that fuckin' clueless. That's another story though, and a sad case by itself.

Any rate, sometimes you get to see just how early these little parasites start their whining. Case in point today: early teens.

Teenage twat: Whinge whine whinge shopping whinge whine whinge...

Mother twat: It's not my fault that there wasn't anything you wanted to buy.

Teenage twat: Whinge whine whinge shopping whinge whine whinge...

Thankfully they then passed out of earshot.

One instructive thing about it though: women are just as susceptible to women's whinging. Case in point, mommy twat's response: defensive, blah blah blah. The correct response is: "Shut your whining mouth."

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  1. My favorite line on women said with a cockney British accent: "Oh shut it you stupid bitch!"

  2. Hmm, if it was a piece of clothing, why they couldn't find the design somewhere (on the Internet or in some magazine), buy the fabric, cut it according to the design and sew themselves? It might be an opportunity to teach her something useful.

    My bet is that the mother would be as much clueless as her daughter.

    1. Because it's easier for them to whine about not finding something. Rather than actually making something they like. The last 2-3 generations of women seem to have become self-helpless.