Friday 23 October 2015

Comments From Married Men

I keep meaning to put this up, and keep forgetting. It's from the MGTOW website:

Comments from Married Men

Everything there, in a nutshell, no frills. A big thank-you to the Men at /r/MGTOW for reminding me of it.

I also need to re-read Nietzsche, with my current mindset and outlook and experiences of life. I have very vague thoughts that we MGTOW are Men in the midst of the second stage of becoming Ubermensch - of learning to say "No".


  1. That's one of the most educational, enlightening and terrifying reads ever.

  2. You would think Women think Men get married in order not to have sex. Or be disrespected. Or abused.

    And the Men? Maybe its some elaborate drawn out suicide.

  3. - notice the part about Nietzsche. Being less emotional is often useful, and not only in the context of 'shit tests'.

  4. - "knowledge abuse"? So ignorance is a virtue now. Any nation that goes with the flow of this river of crap deserves to go extinct.

  5. There's definitely some serious whack-jobs out there. I'm not talking the feminazis pushing this warped agenda - I'm talking the lunatics who let them get away with it (society as a whole).

    Nowhere else in the animal kingdom does 3% of crazies get to tell the other 97% what to do. Intelligence is definitely contra-survival for a species.

    1. I think is not intelligence per se, it's rather "Monkey see, monkey do".

    2. A thought: is there a thing like 'calling abuse' abuse? :)

    3. ^^ I think it's not intelligence...

      Strange how it's much easier to catch typos while reading than typing.