Sunday 11 October 2015

PostSecret Poison #8

Once more into the cesspool dear friends, once more into the cesspool (apologies to Lawrence of Arabia):
I can't figure if a guy pining for the wife, or a girl pining for the husband. Either way, someone has unresolved issues. AKA is fucked in the head/emotions pretty damn bad.
Drug money, stripper money, whore money - alla same and all destructive.
Sand-crotch spinster.
Creepy cutters.
This is why you fail, woman.
Lap up that fuckin' pap psychology.
My fists are itching. Why are my fists itching?
The milk of Christian kindness is rancid in this one.
A woman in lust. Not uncommon.
Another creepy cutter.
A typical woman's complaining. Easier to whine and wait for some moron to sweep her off her feet, than to go do something herself.
That is one creepy-ass picture.
More pap psychology for someone filled with the rancid milk of Christian kindness.
Alpha widow or zeta male?
Men (or boys) are disposable and need not apply.
Too late, you already wasted your life on a stupid and pretentious degree. Just as Worthless™ as you and your life will be from now until death.
Pretend fantasies or pretend submission? Go read My Secret Garden and keep on submitting.
And women never cry rape? Like the Boy Who (Never) Cried Wolf?

Brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


  1. The photo above your comment "Lap up that fuckin' pap psychology." - so it's HRT for the 'transition'?

    Haha, I guess it's not the answer that Fred Reed wanted to obtain.for his question "What happens after death".

    1. I hadn't realized that's what the chemical compound was. So a tranny-in-transition? That's even more crazy.

      Don't these people realize that the university that pioneered sex-change decided it was deleterious and stopped doing it? Both physically and psychologically. I seem to remember blogging on it once.

    2. - and this is the source of the aphorism paraphrased there. I think that she/he found it due to 'gay' in the title. :)