Monday 19 October 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different

Guaranteed to enrage feminists, leftists, manginas, SJW/GamerGate pussies, and other assorted White Knighting motherfuckers. Hold on to your nuts.

Every now and then FaceCrap actually comes up with something truly humorous. In this case, a link to an auction running on TradeMe. I fully-expect this guy's FaceCrap feed to be deleted over this, and his TradeMe account as well. Fuck it, it's brilliant.

First the title and pictures:
Highlights include:

* Wimmin! Never marry anything else
* The Kitchen Version
* And no, you cannot edit their boobs in the player editor. That would be just sexist.
* The dog-shit

Now the blurb:
In your face, Electronic Arts!

'Allo Bruce, 'ow the fuck areya?

Now the three pictures:
I don't think I'll ever get tired of that bit about not being able to edit their boobs in the player editor. Fucking-aye I'm juvenile.
This game is The Shit.
Was that why you sold your soul to Electronic Arts? Too bad, so sad, never fuckin' mind.

There you have it, tonight's black humor. Ain't it refreshing to know that there are still Men out there?

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