Sunday 7 April 2013

We live in a time of theft - PT II

Continuing on with the last mention of living in a time of theft - remember that I said about physically owning gold and silver?

Last week: ABN AMRO, the largest Dutch bank, defaulted on all those guys who bought gold through them.

That's right. Defaulted. As in, we don't actually have the gold that you bought through us. We cannot send it to you. We cannot put it into your grasping little hands. Instead, you can have your cash back - at the going market rate for gold.

Which, by the by, someone has been attempting to push down for the past few weeks. Never mind Cyprus and now this bank. And how the eurozone looks like its going down the shitter. As well as the rest of the world.

Own. Physical. Gold. And. Silver.

That said, it appears that too many people are sheep. In the past, someone who attempted to steal another mans gold got shot for their attempt. Nowadays we're too fucking namby-pamby soft.

As an aside, I'm looking for certain things to begin correcting themselves - starting about 2020. a friend of mine disagrees and thinks about five years, in 2017.

I'm wondering how long the sheep will let themselves be pushed around - or if they'll ever fight back at all.

Society is too sick to survive much longer in this way.

Might be an idea to stock up on some alcohol too - you might need it to get through some really bad parts.

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