Monday 29 April 2013


When they reach a certain point, girls become desperate. It's kind of humorous to experience.

I know a girl who's in her mid-30's, just bought a house, and has a 9-year-old child. She was talking about various things:

• she's looking for a boyfriend (funny, I've seen you shoot guys down thick'n'fast)

• girls do have a limit after which their eggs expire (yep, where guys like me can father children until they're in their nineties)

• she is expecting to be a man-magnet, because there aren't that many women who are capable of buying their own home (sugar mommy! - and that's the FEMALE desire for security that you're trying to attract a man with, not the male desire for sexuality)

In short: she's reached the desperate and clucky stage.

After 20-odd years of fucking the boys who make her pussy drip, having someone else's bastard child, and giving her body away - she now wants to "settle down" with a provider male (aka a Beta). She will qualify him like gangbusters, being "choosy" - when she never was in the past. Certainly not when it came to the guy she had her bastard with.

This new man that she chooses is expected to be grateful(!) for the occasional chance to dip his wick in her well-stretched/used snatch. She's kinda plump to boot.

I'm picking that divorce will be on the horizon also, sometime within 10 years of the marriage. Maybe 5-8 years, if she tries the Eat-Pray-Love method of gaining cash and prizes. That'll give her the chance to try once more for another marriage with a better Beta, maybe an Alpha if she gets really lucky.

Ha fucking ha.

At mid-thirties, she should have had a house paid off. No, she spent that money on career and having a good time.

Congratulations, you wasted money on a teachers degree instead of something of real worth. You can now "officially" babysit children all day. So you get to deal with other people's shitty children in a school, instead of dealing only with your own in the luxury and privacy of your own home.

Men, it is almost our duty to waste the final "fertile" years of these women when we run across them. Then leave them broken and torn.

It's their own poison, turned back upon and used against them.

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