Monday 29 April 2013


From the hallowed annals that is PostSecret:


Sex really does make the world go 'round, doesn't it. When the sex stops, so does the world.

It's hilarious watching things that happen. Yes, I've been the recipient of an "affair" - with a married woman. Within an hour of meeting, buried balls-deep in her asshole. Long, long ago - in retrospect, I should have stayed that person instead of attempting to become the "nice guy" and marry and "do the right thing" for a girl. More true to myself.

This is very common in the world, far more than you'd think. Just look at the number of married women openly looking for something on the side - there's a website devoted entirely to discreet affairs for married women.

Like any website, you do need to be good-looking, and charm helps a lot. Me, I'm ugly, so websites do not work that well for me.

This is not the "how-to" type of post though.

When you can have an "open" affair though - one that the husband knows you're having it with his wife, and does nothing - well, there you go. This is where you start to realise just how full of poison our society really is.

That was twelve years ago.

This is now.

And the poison is even more pervasive.

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