Friday 25 August 2017

Going Full Retard

In a weird way, it's kind of amusing (I'm small-souled and easily amused) to see New Zealand's academia in the process of crawling up it's own asshole, preparing to implode.

Most specifically, some universities around the Waikato region.

I've been looking at their advertisements for the last couple of years. An institute of technology with adverts that show:

* wimminz
* non-white males (asian, indian, maori, negro, etc)

There are times when I have trouble not pissing myself laughing. (Guess my sense of humor has come back somewhat - in a warped and twisted manner.)

Yes, some wimminz can make great contributions to science. (Marie Curie, et al.)

Yes, some non-white males can make great contributions to science. (Charles R. Drew, et al.)

Overwhelmingly though, it's been white males who've had the drive and energy to build this civilization that we enjoy.

No, white men need not apply for education. They're totally unsuitable and not worth educating in any manner possible.

Thankfully, the modern methods of edumacation are not male-oriented, so not being invited to partake is a good thing. It saves a male mind from being further indoctrinated/destroyed, so they can choose to self-educate with things that interest them.

Autodidact for the win.

The way that modern society actively pisses upon this civilization and spits upon the memory of those who built it - the poor bastards must be rotating in their grave.

In a way it's interesting to see how people as a whole are too stupid to learn from history.

Never mind. The highly-competent and -driven survivors of the fall of the West will go elsewhere to make the next civilization. The rest will remain stuck in the third-world hellhole that we are currently doing our best to create.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent25 August 2017 at 07:57

    Between Ferguson, Charlottesville and the now worldwide clamor to take down "racist" statues, people are starting to figure out that the left can only destroy, and third-world is where we'll end up if the insanity continues. Go ahead, tear down everything white men built you. Enjoy your grass hut.

    1. "Racist" statues, hahahah! Herds of monkeys collectively throwing their poo at anything which strikes their momentary ire.

      To be expected. Too stupid to think long-term, so signalling that they're just like the rest of the herd is the most they can manage.