Sunday 27 August 2017

Confused Poison

A long time ago I wrote about women lying even to themselves:

Female Best Intentions

Female Doublethink and Self-Deceit

I've been thinking further about this off-and-on for the last couple of years, though it's been a slow process. (Many other things contributing to being busy-as and competing to take up my personal life.)

It has slowly grown upon me that women are poisonous. Yet, not in the way you might think.

The poison is inside.

Yes, many of them go into situations with the best intentions. All concealed by personal self-deceit, so that they don't screw their "performance" up.

Now lets look at this deeper.

There is something about a man that fascinates her. Interesting. Irresistible. To the point where she will hang on his every word, do what he wants, etc.

If she's lucky (and he's not) eventually she "captures" that man.

That is the point where she starts, for some unfathomable reason, to poison everything that fascinates her about him.

I experienced this myself in the most intimate way. Back before my marriage, I did a lot of walking: beach, hill climbs, semi-tramping, swimming (in the sea), etc. Quite active.

When my wife-to-be and I got involved, she "liked" the same things. The chameleon at work, hah!

Marriage. *BANG* No further interest in the things that I did.

Oh, I could do them. I was free to do that by myself.

If I didn't mind being sub-rosa guilt-tripped because of it. Being made to feel like a bad person for going off by myself.

Not spending every single moment with her was A Bad Thing™.

Eventually I crumbled, slowly poisoned, my life more and more constrained. Only what *she* wanted mattered. Doing things with *her* was all that was allowed.

An insidious, creeping poison.

Now, dig into her psyche. Where the self-lies and doublethink and self-deceit hide from her, herself, what she is in the process of doing.

In her mind (and that of women, and those who subscribe to women's thinking - aka all the pathetic men out there who would happily lick up her runny shit for a sniff at that vagina) she's not doing anything wrong. It's just " don't want to be around me..." And sub-rosa patheticness and tears, etc.

If you're anything less than hard as stone, you'll eventually succumb to that treatment. Hell, even stone will eventually wear away.

Especially if you're not consciously aware of:

1/ what she's doing

2/ without her actually knowing

3/ and what the end result will be

The end result is a shell of a man who she eventually frivorces and dropkicks out of her life - because he's literally not the man she married. Literally. As Anonymous stated on Personal Time and Space is Golden for Men: his counselor spent a couple of months talking with him about what he likes to do in his life.

It's all been poisoned, shit upon, ripped away.

However. Due to plausible deniability, due to self-delusions, due to personal doublethink - she will absolutely deny that she has done anything to cause this change. At all. And 100% believe in this denial.

It's quite plausible too, when you consider that no thought or retrospection is involved on her part. She doesn't reflect on it, her part in the process never happened. Massive mental disconnect, very childlike on the whole. Women, the most responsible teenager in the house. Confused as hell, even about themselves.

In this situation, it's a subtle poison - a toxic waste - that she doesn't realize that she's dumping out there. One which slowly kills everything that she finds fascinating and amazing about her man.

The personal scars resulting from her own poison have by this time screwed up her own life. She's going to be pulling that freight-train of bullshit, spite, and bile around forever. Again, she doesn't see the destruction that she's caused - nor that it's her own fault. For her own self-protection, she is incapable of seeing it.

Similarly, women "friends" rally around her - because they cannot see it also. Deliberately, for their own self-protection as well. So they look to protect themselves, each other, and blame the "other" for the situation. In this case: the man.

It's 100% scapegoating behavior. We all do it: damn niggers/jews/asians/etc. Fucking bosses. Useless workers. Stinking money-grubbing rich bastards. Shithole bankers. Greedy fuckers have done fucked up everything.

Whenever something goes wrong, it's damned hard to look at it and decide if it actually was ourselves responsible for the mess. Ultimately responsible - whether individually, or in aggregate.

A lack of self-awareness, lack of reflection, and lack of thinking through - very thoroughly! - the consequences will do that to you.

In the end, the poison is comprised of confusion and self-deceit. A poison that will result in destroying everything that you (men and women) find worthwhile, transcendent, in this world.

As an example: look at the third-world hellhole we are turning our society into.
I'm not sure if you're still out there and reading this, Anonymous. I've gone down many rabbit-holes over the past couple of years. If you're still there, hopefully this will continue to resonate with and be of worth to you.


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