Saturday 8 July 2017

No Quiet

As an extreme introvert, something that a man over /r/MGTOW states resonates very much with me:
The Present Narrative:
Chase chase chase, compete compete compete.
Put down that game and stop watching porn, learn PUA, learn how to become a master at reading women, wife up that former party chick.
Oh what's that, not having success? Suck it up and quit being a beta male, the world owes you nothing. Try again. So what if you had a tiring work week? Go out and chase that chick otherwise you're a faggot. And put a ring on it. Buy an expensive car and a nice house along with other frivolous bullshit to signal that you have status, it's important.
Huh, she's divorcing you? Your fault, she wants an alpha male and you're still too much like a boy. Quit complaining that you're losing half your shit and need to pay alimony, it's all part of the game. You do like the game, don't you? Because if you don't, well you're just a sore loser.
No peace? No interest. Fuck all of it.
This one strikes the gold dead-center.

I've heard things from married men, also - quite a few of them. Their wives don't seem to like it when they sit around doing nothing. Sucks when you're sick and physically incapable of doing anything.

I could throw out talk about slavemasters wanting their slaves to work until they drop, and why women hate mens hobbies unless they make teh wimminz lives better, and why men who go through debilitating sickness (ie cancer) suddenly find themselves divorced, etc.

It's all been said before. There's no need to repeat.

A long time ago, I stated that personal time and space is gold for men.

Remember that the whole PUA-sphere is also interested in whacking out your personal time and space (so that they can sell you their latest snake-oil for $$$, never forget that).

Business also. A lot of what I deal with is dumb bullshit that basically takes up 80% of my mental energy and workspace and time. Cut out the horseshit, work for 4 hours a day, and my productivity would be massively higher. I'd also have more mental time to relax and chill out, enjoy things that are good for me and my health, do stuff around my home, and similar.

Of course, if I'm tired I don't get the chance to think things through clearly and tell the boss that he's a fucking idiot. I mean, just imagine saying this to the boss: "Let me get this straight. I do Oracle DBA work, SQL Server DBA work, I've done Cisco networking, server work, programming, all of which you pay me six figures for - and you want me to adjust some fucking PA's Outlook because you're too cheap to hire a $30k a year entry-level computer person. You're pulling my fucking leg, right?"


Part of whacking out your personal time and space is so that you don't have the mental energy and space to think clearly. Which is why women do the same to their boyfriends and hubbies in the off-hours.

'Cause if you were thinking clearly: once she stopped putting it out (aka enslaving you to her vagina) and pulled the pin on the fat-grenade, then you'd look at her and either smack her up a bit for the bullshit or walk the fuck out.


  1. Eduardo the Magnificent8 July 2017 at 13:50

    Nihilism is a necessary step to truth, but it's dangerous if you get stuck there and never move on. Also, this from Chateau:

    A lot of people get stuck in stage 4 and never get out. This is not healthy. Learn how to get your bishes in line, and you can have your leisure and your pleasure. Don't get stuck in the either/or dichotomy.

    1. Hey Eduardo, good to see you again.

      You may be right, I might be stuck in nihilism.

      If so, I see nothing to entice me out of it. Nothing female my age, nothing younger, nothing older.

      Yes, game. I'm working on stage 6, IDGAF. Until a couple of months ago I was having a little bit of fun with the 7-8's in the twenties set. Frankly, they bore the hell out of me, so I stopped wasting my time and energy on them. (I also hate bragging about that - especially when it's not verifiable. Also, this turned out to not be a game/PUA blog. So I never bothered mentioning it, beyond the post almost a year ago about Tinder being easy.)

      As a 51yo, with serious money coming in, playing games with women is a high-risk scenario. False rape accusations and false paternity claims are things I'm simply not going to deal with. Marrying it? Hell no. Unless my dick is in it, it's boring, and my dick can't stay in it 24/7/365.

      It's not worth it to screw up at work - 'cause some cum-bucket is messing with your emotional state and screwing with your mind - it can cost several million dollars. Then you find yourself blacklisted and not working ever again. (Unless you wanna flip burgers, real job that one.)

      Maintain rock-hard frame? I've seen a Return of Kings article about a man who lost frame with a girl he'd just been fucking rotten. She ruined the rest of his work-from-home day and got a kick out of it.

      Note, too, that this post was about business/work as well as women screwing you up. It's just that most men are socially-conditioned to chase and be around women as much as possible. Once you're married, she gets the most chance to do it.

      Thanks - I'll stick with peace and quiet.

      Also the photography, travel, tramping, and climbing up mountains. I climbed Mt Egmont earlier this year, one of the more dangerous New Zealand mountains (that has claimed another life recently).

      Sadly, I wish that I had a little more worthwhile to post about. I can rehash, yet hate repeating myself. This is why there's not been a whole lot recently - there's only so much "wimminz be eeevil/feminism sucks/etc" that can be put out there.

      And this should probably have made it into a post for you. Maybe later, if I can think of expanding it in some worthwhile manner.

    2. Eduardo the Magnificent9 July 2017 at 15:43

      I wasn't taking a stab at you or anything. If MGTOW means anything, it's having the OPTION of having women, but only on your terms. If they don't match your terms, fine. But the point is it's your call, not her's and not society's. What I think is dangerous is accepting defeat before you've attempted to play the game your way. These men are still caught in a fem-centric mindset. They haven't yet broken FREE. They haven't yet attempted to have life on their terms. They've only quit, which isn't honorable. You've built a life for yourself, which is. I don't fault them for being angry. It's a natural step in the progression. Just don't get stuck there.

    3. Ahh, gotcha now. Rereading your original comment and this one - it makes sense. Very interesting.

      Most interesting is the way that I reacted. It seems that I need to have a dig into my psyche, see what else is rumbling down around in the depths. I might be having a sub-rosa "sour grapes" going on. Thanks for helping me to notice that.