Wednesday 17 January 2018

The Ton on Violence and Toughness

SFC Ton has an excellent breakdown of the difference between Men and Soyboys:
Three things separate men from soy boys. #1 your capacity and talent for violence, enduring long term exposure to harsh envriomets and facing serious risk to life and limb on the regular. Normally you can’t really separate those three masculine foundations, but sometimes they are. Nor does a man have to go to any real extremes to move from bitch to legit. Get a 3 star rating on all the man card items and you’ll be the type of man most men will want in their platoon
Fucking great, and brings back some old memories that make me laugh my ass off.

Getting old now, the body isn't as resilient as it used to be. Took a tumble on the weekend up in the local hills, had to limp back to the car and head home to heal up. Nothing serious (not broken limbs) - just banged up a little and the right knee twisted. Will be healed up and out there in a couple weekends to do it again - by which time the local shit-and-drizzle weather should be done.

Any rate, Ton's post up there reminded me of my youth. Living in an apartment, one time around midnight-ish I wake up with light on in the lounge. Turned over then remembered that my flatmate was away at a concert up in Auckland, wouldn't be back for a couple of days...

...grabbed a chunk of wood that I keep at the side of the bed and was out there pretty quick and chasing a Maori burglar who'd slipped in the window. Given I was starkers he went the fuck back out that window as fast as he could.

In retrospect I can laugh my ass off about it, at the time I was half-asleep and a little bit drunk, so fairly wound up and adrenaline going. When I'm drunk, I tend to mellow-out and be relaxed. Not that time!

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