Saturday 18 March 2017

Training and Breeding for Sexual Dysfunction

From Captain Capitalism, about Millennial women:
It is worth listening to, simply to understand the thinking of most of these women. This includes all women - Gen X, Gen Y, the Millennials, and the generation that is being brought up right now.

The brainwashing is real.

The worthlessness is real.

Do not feel bad for these arrogant and moronic retards.

So even though I'm a MGTOW, as Aaron says, I do keep a line open. Not jumping at the retards though. They're too stupid to be attractive. "I have a bag" - yeah. Wonderfully attractive. Enjoy their misery as they go through life and shake your head at their stupidity and do your own thing.

So stepping back - where does this stupidity begin?

Right from the beginning. Feminism and leftism and stupid education. Brainwashing. When the lure of a piece of paper is more important to these retards than bearing children and having a stable life and home.

You can think about it in this manner - there are three types of women in this world.

Slut: pick her up in a bar, fuck her, throw her out when you're done. Whores fall into this category and are more honest about the whole process. It's just a cum dumpster.

Fucktoy: may start or meet as a slut, fuck her every week or two. She's the type in a PUAs rotation. Call her to ask what's up, tell her to bring the movies, let her out when she's done. Mistresses fall into this category. Just a slightly updated cum dumpster that you're a little more pleasant towards.

Girlfriend: you definitely won't meet her as a slut or fucktoy. The J.O.B. isn't about the piece of paper or the handbag or whatever. The J.O.B. is simply to keep her alive and going until she finds the right man. She is your genuine unicorn aka NAWALT, and as I've written you might run across a couple of these in your lifetime. If you didn't find her when you were young - too bad.

Special note: a divorced woman or single mommy is in the slut/fucktoy category. Not the girlfriend category. A proper girlfriend category will not play the field or detonate her nice, happy life just for the chance to jump some other cock.

So, where the stupidity begins. Brainwashing at the modern schools coupled with overwhelmingly stupid peer-pressure from the retarded other wimminz around them all.

See the world around you now. Back in my day, kids started experimenting sexually at 11-12yo. It's simply human nature and curiosity. This sexual promiscuity starts naturally young. When harnessed and yoked it built Western society.

Now there is not really much to strive for (whether because sex is too easy to get or the women aren't worth having) and many young men are simply checking out of the process of Western society. Which is why we are in decline. Even I have pretty-much checked out, having given up on owning my own business, having given up on making loads of money.

There is flat-out no point when there is no woman worth having and it's getting too late to start having children anyway.

Going back to the harnessing and yoking of human sexuality to build Western society. Camille Paglia and her comment: If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.

Civilization is going back into female hands. We are in the process of going back into grass huts.

Sexual liberation. Mandatory sex education in schools. Mandatory drug education in schools.

So as I've written, some 20-30 years ago I knew a girl who started as a whore as a 12yo. Vaginal, anal, oral, protected and unprotected, no problems. No standards, it's all about the money honey. By the time she was a 17yo she was fat and past it and had a drug problem. That's 5 years as a whore, good money coming in, life barely started and she's already gone. It went out as fast as it came in.

Some 20 years ago I knew a girl who started having sex as an 11yo. She caught an STD and became sterile. Once she was a 14yo her mentality was: "Yay! I'm now legal!" No money coming in, life not even started, and she's way past gone. Already through the grinder and a biological and evolutionary dead-end. Attractive as fuck? So damn what? A dead-end.


Lack of standards.

These days it's worse. In schools, children under 10yo are being taught the various flavors of sexuality. LGBTQ-what-fucking-ever. Sensitivity training. Special toilets just for those who identify internally as what they aren't actually in a biological sense.

A know a girl who is basically tattoo'd trash. She has an 8yo son. He has a little female friend. "Don't worry mummy, I won't leave you. I'm still a homo." A fucking 8yo boy who has been brainwashed already to be/think that he's a homo. She just loves-loves-loooooves her little bear. (In literally those nauseatingly gushing terms, vomited all over facecrap.)

Take a modern girl-child at 10yo. Look at her. Then look at a modern 40yo Gen-X woman.

I actually have vastly more respect for a Gen-X woman who honestly tells me that she has had something like 20 different men in her life.

Because I know that by the time that 10yo reaches 15-18yo, she'll have taken 20 different men up her ass. That's just up her ass. More men than that in other sexual ways - vaginal, oral, hand, tit-fucking, group, bukkake, etc.

"But wait, BPS! All 10yo's? You're kidding, right?"

Probably not all, no. A vast number, though. There will be the occasional unicorn/NAWALT. There are the occasional girls who won't fall to the bullshit and brainwashing and peer-pressure. Don't hold your breath.

That whore. That sterile girl. Mentally dysfunctional. Fucked in the head. Emotional messes. The whore, if she is still alive, might have a child - also fucked in the head. Because most single mommies pass that down to their children. A whore with a drug problem? Yeah, right, that kid isn't going to have an emotionally stable upbringing.

We are more than tolerating this insanity. We are actively training and breeding for it. "You go girl." Going back to the grass huts, where the morons fuck around and drama and horseshit is the end-all of life, and the lazy-yet-attractive men are the only ones who have kids.

Getting worse. She haz a handbag. Ooohh, yippee fuckin' skip, how fuckin' exciting and meaningful her life iz.

What can you do?
A bleak look through Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.
Some extra attic salt.

That 10yo would do vastly better in life if she were groomed for one special (older) man as a wife. Which they used to do, when they married girls off before 15 if at all possible.

But then, that's why they used to marry young girls off early, didn't they? None of this nicey-nicey feelgood crap about human sexuality and reality. They knew the score.

That's what built Western civilization.


  1. That, and all the men of daughters out there who are too fucking stupid and lazy to invest in a potential son-in-law. Western civ can't die soon enough.

  2. She's the kinda women that would suck her shit off your dick. And you want her kissing your child?

  3. Back in grass-hut land, for each alpha that has ten wives, there are nine men with none. What do these nine men do all day? Nothing. Especially if the climate is good. They maybe do a little fishing, maybe a little farming - just enough to keep themselves alive. A man doesn't need much. The other 80% of the time, they are laying around, sleeping, whatever. Maybe they fight for the chance of becoming that alpha. But for most - nothing.

    Meanwhile, this alpha's nine wives each have four kids. One man - even an alpha - can't plough land fast enough to feed that many. So who does the farming?

    The wives do.

    Furthermore, they are not particularly good at it. They lack upper-body strength, they have to drag these kids around, and of course they have to put a lot of energy into competing withy the other women for their husband's attention.

    And that's the end-game of grass-hut society run according to women's instinctive drive to get sperm of the alpha. It fails to harness the strength, the energy of young men.

    Monogamy is not a natural state of affairs. It was invented by some king back in Ur, who passed a law: one man, one wife. No fucking around by the women. An act of sheer visionary genius. Now every young man could hope for and work towards a future. A son, to carry on his name. It yoked half the human race to the plough, and they grew a new thing: civilisation.

    Bye. It was fun while it lasted. They'll pick through our ruins, our buildings, our roads, our dams, and wonder how such things were ever accomplished.

  4. You're a fan of AFoR I see. Interesting guy. Mad as a hatter though. Or is it crazy like a fox? LOL. I forget which.

    For Men it's pretty simple. Are you going to put your fate in the hands of a wimminz? Are you going to play the straight-man in a rigged game? Are you going to be the sucker?

  5. I ran across AFoR a couple of days ago, he's what made parts of this come together. Will have to go through his stuff, see what else he has to say.

    His wasn't the only thing by far.

    Aaron about the millennials. A divorced friend whose wife had a massive collection of shoes. A tatto'd crazy with the 8yo homo boy that she loves-loves-loooooves on facecrap 6 months ago. The hot-as-fuck 18yo who offered me her body for an hour for $50 a couple months ago. The hot-as-fuck 25yo who offered my friend her body for an hour for $100 last week, so she can feed her kids.

    Where will it go? Parents selling their own children as sex-slaves? You can get that in Thailand.

    What's your desire? A moment of pain for you? That's $10. A moment of pain for me? That's $20...

    1. Add to that up there, crazy 12yo's taking it every way for the $$$.

      Another 14yo whose only thought is that they're now legal to have sex.

      A 27yo prostitute with a son that she dressed in pink because she thought it looked "nice" on him. Her specialty was being the victim in a dungeon.

      Only 20-25 years ago, the two young ones. Only 3 years ago the dungeon victim.

      To them, it is/was "normal".

  6. What is AFoR? I'm always looking for good blogs to read.

  7. Atruedarknessiscomingforusall.