Tuesday 18 February 2014

Why You Must Refuse The Friendzone

Never let yourself be friendzoned. Here is why (explained in ordinary Joe guy terms):

• having romantic feelings for a person
• wanting to have a romantic relationship with them
• feeling disappointed when all you get is platonic friendship


So, being a friend is a consolation prize for failure. So then you are supposed to put yourself through the process of seeing someone, being around them, and not being able to act on your feelings for them.

You ain't in it to be "just her friend", you want the whole enchilada, the motherfucking works. With extra pickles, double-cheese and goddamn fries. Supersize that cunt. And then you want to destroy that cunt with a major motherfucking reaming that leaves her a quivering mess of panting and crying pleasure.

Instead she offers you the "consolation prize" of being around her so that all those shitty feelings of wanting and rejection are constantly going to be dragged up over and over on a daily basis. Forcing you to deal with that shit again and again every time you see her.

Fuck that shit. REFUSE to be friendzoned. REFUSE to be crushed emotionally on an ongoing basis by this girl. REFUSE to shit on your own dignity.

Let us be blunt about this. You know what you want, you know you want it with her - not having it and being constantly reminded that you don't have it and cannot have it is a giant motherfucking shit-raping bummer.

Any girl who offers you this crap consolation prize is a selfish cunt without empathy. Additionally she's probably going to use you for as many favors as possible. Because she can, because she's emotionally twisted that way, because she's a user, because she's a manipulator, because she's a malicious and greedy bitch.

Be a man. Refuse that friendzone. Refuse to be used as an emotional tampon. Refuse to be the workhorse. Refuse to do shit for her, be a sounding-board for her, etc. Refuse to waste one second of your precious life in doing anything for her.

Perhaps the word will get around that you essentially told her to shove her bullshit friendship up her ass. When a man acts like a man it intrigues the girls - and that can't be bad.

This Public Service Announcement brought to you by Crap Colored Glasses™, Fuck That Noise™, Grow A Pair™, and Avoid The Suck™.


  1. On Point, Bravo dude,bravo

    1. Cheers! It's nice to know that the old stuff still gets read - and it's still as relevant now as back when.

  2. I wasted a lot of time. This is golden advice.

  3. It is liberating and was a bit of a long road for me to finally be able to say fuck that shit.