Thursday 5 March 2015

Hypergamy is a Label

In my last post I tried to put across the idea that what we think of the world isn't necessarily the actual world. It's just a mental map of how we think the world works - and of course the real world is quite happy to smack us upside the head and leave us panicking because we can't figure out why the fuck it decided to do that.

The reason that we're panicking is because we've taken the mental map and said "this is reality - end of story". Now our mental map is broken and we don't have a working map or the mental flexibility to roll with things. We've been too fixated on the damn mental map for too long.

So lets have a look at a common mental map we have in the manosphere: hypergamy.

Characteristics of hypergamy might include: sex with random men, cheating, leaving a man for a perceived higher-status man, deliberately getting pregnant by a man, narcissism/selfishness, divorce/frivorce, lying, BPD/NPD behavior, etc ad infinitum.

Now, we could say that this is an evolved behavior for an enhanced chance of better genes being spread. It might even be somewhat true. Yet I could also argue that such evolved behavior should have been nearly wiped-out evolutionary-wise by the force of 10-15,000 years that we know humanity spent living semi-civilized in villages and towns and cities and the like.

For example, in the days of 5,000 years ago: if you caught someone screwing your wife you probably killed the pair of them. It's unlikely it was a one-off thing, she was probably cheating on you regularly. May as well finish it for good. Hell, maybe even the kids too: chances are they ain't yours. You probably didn't sit around pulling your limp dick while five guys with big penises jackhammered your wife in rapid succession (cuckold porn).

In the more modern old days these behaviors were frowned upon: they often resulted in the ending of the female family line. Social pressure was a tremendously powerful force. If a girl made a mistake and was extremely lucky, her family might rally-round to keep it secret, raise any bastard children, etc. She had to toe the fuckin' line. Otherwise she'd likely be thrown out of the family, disowned, and end up prostituting herself to live day-to-day. Chances were high that she died.

Let's look at it from a different angle. Let's say that these characteristics attributed to hypergamy are simply learned bad behavior - or a lack of learned good behavior. Let's say that these characteristics are becoming more commonly-noted because society has gotten a lot easier on women simply because they're women (aka we give them the pussy pass).

Take a dog. It develops bad habits. Do you leave it with those bad habits? Shit no! You train it. Positive and negative reinforcement, depending upon what's appropriate. Eventually you end up with a well-trained and well-behaved dog.

In the old days they had ways of controlling (training) their women. Punishments. Social ostracism which was a force that actually meant something. They were married young before they started messing around, then it became the new husband's job to train and deal with her appropriately. Even boot her out if she was far too obstroperous, the children (if any) going to him because he had the income and could afford to raise them.

Any woman who was 16+ years old was considered a spinster - undesirable, probably too set in her ways, and highly likely incapable of being trained to appropriate behavior. After all, if she had developed appropriate behavior, she wouldn't still be single. She'd have been snapped up by a man pleased to have her.

In the old days in Japan, bukkake was a degrading punishment for a woman. These days in the world it's pornography, a sex act that some women glorify in. The more the merrier.

Where's our modern training for curbing bad habits? What do you mean, training? It ain't there no more. Even mention it and you will be subjected to an open deluge of foulness, scorn, spite, physical blows, and hatred that no man would have ever received from a "decent" woman 100+ years ago.

Look at an untrained dog that has developed bad habits. We ain't stopping it, so it's just gonna continue. It's probably gonna get worse (from our point of view) because we ain't laying down and enforcing any boundaries, training it to do more acceptable things. Just let it do whatever the fuck it wants with a "who cares" attitude.

Why are girls getting stinking drunk, having a piss or shit on the sidewalk, passing out in a pool of their own puke, fucking any man they like, and getting knocked up? Because nobody's laid down the boundaries, penalized bad behavior, and reinforced good behavior. (Bad and good from a social as well as a personal view.) In fact there's a vocal group going: "You go girrrrrl!" at the top of their lungs.

Which is why blogs like this one exist: pointing out the incidents and saying "this is what's going on, don't ignore this shit-awful behavior or give it a pass". While we're not allowed to beat the girls black and blue when they give us the finger and go do more bad stuff, we can at least warn each other that this is going on and say "don't get involved in that crap - they just ain't worth the pain".

Hypergamy? Yeah, you could put it in a neat little box and label it and say that it's an evolved behavior.

Chances are a fuckload higher that it's simply selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, acting-out bad behavior by a bunch of childish little cunts who've never had the belt around the arse from daddy to teach them better. There's certainly nothing else out there to restrain these little cum-buckets from wrecking things.

(Like the whole government providing incentives to baby-mommas by paying for their womb-turds. Stupid, stupid fuckers who made that a "thing". They're simply - deliberately? - destroying the restraints which keep women in families to raise a decent next generation. Ditto for divorce, frivorce, etc.

To knock it into people's fucking heads: When you give people money for doing something, they're going to do it. Especially when it's now lauded by the fucktards going: "You go girrrrrl!" at the top of their lungs. Yes, glorify those brave, battling single mommies - who no fucking way would be doing this if they weren't getting a handout to help them cope.)

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  1. I generally define things according to the Seven Deadly Vices, which have been around (as in written down) for thousands of years. Looking at "hypergamy" this way, it's based on Greed, Lust and Laziness.

    1. Very well-put.

      In fact that might be why the manosphere has labeled it "hypergamy". A lot of people dislike/distrust religion - no surprise with some of the churchian shenanigans and outlook. These days the wider audience would likely find it more acceptable to use a pseudo-scientific name rather than bring in "uncomfortable, outdated" terminology.

      Which when you look at it, makes some sense from spreading a marketing/message point of view. If 80+% of men reject the church for various reasons (for example: it supported and encouraged the ex-wife all the way during her frivorce) then using religious terminology would be counterproductive.

      At any rate. I think that I might have gotten the idea across decently in this post. Basically it's simple bad behavior upon the women's part. Turning around and saying that it's "evolved behavior" is a stretch. It's also counter-productive because it opens people of both sexes to the excuse of "oh that's just how women have evolved". The potential would be there for handing out another pussy-pass.

      Whether or not that's how women have evolved doesn't mean that they can't be kept in line and trained to act better.

    2. Men are evolved 'to' kill each other with blunt objects, bare hands and/or nearby hard surfaces. Does that excuse fly?

    3. All sins are evolved instincts. It's the same thing, described in a different nomenclature.

      Men have a predilection for Anger, women for Greed.

  2. Most men have the attitude that even if they did try to enforce boundaries, it won't change anything. This is largely because women, and powerful men, fought for and won the right of women to do whatever they want. Women have the absolute right to revel in their bad behavior, and force others to subsidize it.

    That's the map now. That's the reality now.

    1. You are correct in everything you say. Definitely it is the map/reality at this moment. There are two overall ways that I can see things going:

      1/ If we somehow manage to enter a post-scarcity world (permanent cheap energy and goods) then I think that the behavior will continue as-is on the whole. There's nothing really drastic that's gonna stop it.

      2/ If we enter a post-collapse world then I think that the behavior will continue as-is for a few more generations. We can't expect it to stop dead like we like to imagine it would. That'll be the subject of my next post.

    2. We're not in post-collapse but we're in terminal decline. I doubt there's a way to turn it around. I think we're headed to some sort of collapse but it will be more like a slow slide; not a hard slam into a wall. So I suspect that what will actually happen is slow readjustment and change rather than a hard reset. Slow change, not abrupt. We're doing that now, as lives are reordered on a fundamental level.

      When I was a kid coming up, all us young men were expected to go to school/college, graduate, start working, get married, and have children. All of those things, in that order. Most men now will be doing well to get maybe one or two of those things. Marriage and kids for most will be out of the question, at least in their 20s and for most of their 30s. Most men will be doing well to finish some kind of training program and find some sort of remunerative work. Many men cannot attract or keep a woman; and even if they could they can't afford one.

  3. And it's the same with raising children, discipline is now abuse. Good luck if you're divorced and trying to install and show virtue, self discipline and character. In my experience, this has been my most horrific experience of divorce. Assets can be replaced, but watching your own sons characters destroyed and a free pass given to their bad behavior is unbearable.

    The true definition of being alone in today's society is trying to teach virtue to our children.

    Great post.

    1. Thank you for that extra insight. Not having children, I have not experienced this.

    2. Great insight and I can empathise. Having 3 kids with an ex wife with shared custody the biggslest challenge is ensuring the kids are given a sound moral upbringing. And doing this while having the fear that you could be imprisoned at any time if your ex wife merely makes 1 phone call to the police. God forbid if I raise my voice to my children, that could be construed as abuse and my custody is gone. Its like walking a tight rope every day.

      While I don't condone isolation, I totally worn understand why younger guys don't want to get married and put up with this.

  4. Rollo seems to think hypergamy is hard wired & the solution is game ... Dont blame women, its biology, not women being feral backward retards

    In fact Rollo, just like Dalrock is petrified & crap their pants about holding women responsible for their actions, typical pussified vagina ass lickers

    Game only legitmises a womans need for feral barbaric alpha cock

    Its women who need game, not men

    Women need to be taught how to control their emotions & overcome their biology

    The best way to do this, is to hold a zero tolerance policy, & kick every woman to the curb if she doesnt know how to control her emotions, or blatantly shit tests

    Use dread game to keep her in line & zero tolerance policy for barbaric feral behaviour by women

    Keep kicking women to the curb until you've identified, the traits of women who know how to control their emotions & arent raging pieces of shit

    Dread game & physicial aggression are the goto tools, to control women & satisfy their need for alpha male behaviour

    A womans biology should be used to control women

    Game legitimises a woman behaving like a feral piece of shit, which is why its great for quick lays, you want women to behave like raging pieces of shit if you want a quick lay

    Dread game, physical aggression do the exact opposite, they use a womans biology to control women, & keep her in line, plus using her biology to to control her & keep her in line you satisfy her need for alpha behaviour

    If youre not prepared to slap the shit out of a woman, or punish her for being a raging piece of shit, you wont achieve any real succes in a relationship with women

    Just dont expect vaginas like Rollo & Dalrock to correct women & punish them for behaving like leeches & parasite cunts

    1. I am so tempted to grab this and incorporate it into the Fuck'n'Chuck Generation post I'm working on.

    2. BPS use any of my comments for your posts

      In fact I'd be honoured, I post detailed comments to give you ammunition anyway lol

      So yea feel free jus gimme some credit & a link to my blog, i need the hits , since no one links to me lol

  5. Rollo has swallowed uncritically every ridiculous concept in the Manosphere fish, hook, line, sinker, rod, reel and boat.