Monday 16 March 2015

Criminal Coders

Normally I bitch about the bullshit that women pull in society. This is slightly different - though it does expose a different kind of poison going on in society.

It looks like the leftoid fucktards are now attempting to teach long-term prison inmates (from San Quentin) how to be coders:

Prison Program Aims to turn Criminals into Coders

I nearly killed myself laughing. Especially at this priceless bit from the article:
Shawn Drost was recruited by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Chris Redlitz to design the skill-building program to help reduce California's 61 percent recidivism rate.
Redlitz said he is talking to businesses that are ready to hire these people. 
"It's a large-demand industry, and to be very frank," Redlitz said, "if you can write great code, people don't care about anything else."
What planet are these dumbass leftist motherfuckers from?

Okay, I can get behind the idea of teaching these guys some new skills. Good on 'em. You gotta try something to keep them out of trouble. Plus, yes, it gives these guys hope that they can have a decent life-and-job when they get out. I'm definitely all for that. programming skills? What whacktard thought this one up? Many of the current coding jobs are being outsourced to China, India, and Pakistan - a lot of laid-off coders ended up selling Real Estate after the DotCom shit blew up and before the housing bubble meltdown. They couldn't get jobs later, so they went where there were jobs. (Don't know what the poor bastards are doing now.)

Recently the USofA turned around and put together special H1B Visa quotas. Reason: so that companies in the USofA could hire-and-import overseas computer programmers for a song instead of paying the average $55+k that USA programmers expect. Cheap bunch of motherfuckers.

If these guys get out of prison and get into coding - good on them. I have strong doubts. I suspect that these leftist retards are really going to be training the next lot of cybercriminals.

Fucking clueless leftards.


  1. The program exists for the same reason as the outsourcing and insourcing H1-b's, except it's even cheaper labor because they(the prison inmates) work for free, well not quite, they're working for their three hots and a cot. All prisons in the USA are for profit organizations. With all these different trades programs, not just coding, but HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, these prisoners are competing against the civilian workforce. If you said life in the near future looks like a Prison Industrial Complex, you would be right.

    1. Now that's a damn good insight there. Cheers!


      Gulags making a comeback? And in the 'land of the free'? History is moving in strange ways...