Monday 2 March 2015

Manginasphere Redux and Trolling

I don't know what's crawled up half the manginasphere's ass recently. It's like they've gone completely screwball mental. Did somebody slip something into the fucking kool-aid while I wasn't looking?

You will now note that The Rational Male is removed from my list of things to read. The reason: more ragging on MGTOW in the commentary. Skimming it I saw several "they're just sexual losers" and various variations. I'll admit that the caliber of commentary over there has seemed to go downhill drastically over the last year or so - or perhaps my standards have risen to some kind of impossible heights. I'm not sure.

At any rate, it's gotten to the point where I was reading the articles and skimming the comments. The detail I bail on unless something catches my eye and is IMO worth the effort. The latest article (which I refuse to link to, nor will I bother reading any future articles) has individuals in the commentary that seem so incredibly lopsided that I actually did read some of the ones presently there. Just the fuckin' "huh?" expression on my face must be priceless for an onlooker.

Got news for these cunts. Along the same lines of: "If FEMICUNTS can't push us into line, what makes you think you have a shit-show? And what makes you think adopting shaming language is gonna do anything?"

I don't have time for this crap.

Go ahead, call me a loser for not bothering to give you my point of view. You already shat all over it, multiple times, seemingly dismissing it without bothering to read it through and contemplate it deeply. Now that I'm gonna walk off and do my own stuff it ultimately proves to you that I'm a serious, serious, serious loser. I was gonna post a little "troll much?" comment, then suddenly thought: "Why?"

I hesitate to say this, because it's using shaming labeling language: this seems very much like a feminist/leftist/herd mindset. You can't win against that by engaging it, only by looking at it and shaking your head and not bothering to participate. Which still gets you labeled as a loser, but at least you have your personal dignity (and more importantly, sanity) intact.

Because otherwise, the problem with arguing with a moron on the internet is that they never admit that they've lost. (Thus why I have labeled them feminist/leftist, because that's their denial of reality and MO and doublethink in action.) They're effectively the ultimate troll that you just can't kill no matter how much you try - and the little mangina-heads get an ego boost because you bothered to engage them.

He keeps trying to persuade me. I must be important. Woo, I have been validated!

Fucktardism's galore from the mentally retarded.

Similarly, I'm getting steadily less enthused by the rest of the Manosphere. The manginas as a whole seem to be crawling out of the woodwork and shitting on anything that doesn't meet with their instant approval - which (to start with, of course) is about getting laid. That's their biggest deficit in life at this point (at least, all that they can think about). Any other message that they run across?

"Nah, fuck that shit bro, those cunts are just pathetically whiny losers." With variations ad infinitum.

I don't know why this bugs me so much. Is it because these idiots seem to have no brains? Of course it's not a one-solution-fits all - you take bits from here, here, here, here, and here - put them together to make a jigsaw of knowledge. You keep adding to it, learning more, growing more. Then you run across a bunch of people who seem to have no brains and think: "Why the fuck am I bothering?"

So what is this, the Manosphere now? Is it turning into some sort of slavish cultism and worshiping of individual internet personalities? What the hell is that? Did God have a deficit of brains when he gave these guys some? Or has things gotten so bad in the real world that even the sub-par are rushing around blindly for answers, somehow stumbling into here?

More, it's like the motherfuckin' Manosphere as a whole has suddenly had a rush of blood to the head (little head, not big one). It's like they think they've won against teh eevil wimminz - and now they're free to bash on da guyz dey don't reely like dat much, smak 'em ovah da head wit da mighty penis uv manhood - because it's now time to turn on each other. There's no other worthy foe in sight.

This is just stupidity and madness.

Is it just me? Have I gone off my rocker? I simply don't grasp this bloody lot. They seem insanely stupid to me with their attitudes. Brainwashed. Lost in translation somewhere.

Well, fuck it. For now I'm gonna sip some more Grand Marnier. I'm gonna try to regain my cool - though they sure as shit have tried it recently - and perhaps something more on-message and useful will pop out of my brain over the next few days. Though, dissecting the mess as the Manosphere turns on itself is definitely pointing out a certain amount of poison some-fucking-where. We ain't immune, by the looks of it.

I have a vague idea for a post about how women are masters at draining your life. Hopefully I can do it some justice.


  1. Eh, are you not familiar of the dynamic: "Look everyone, I'm not one of those losers who can't get laid. This way, ladies."? Easy to do and it inflates 'Alpha's' self-importance.

    Rollo's comments are largely unmoderated. Anyone can come and post any BS he likes, in good faith or just trolling. Lots of Internet posturing, like everywhere else. The only significant issue I have with Rollo is that his SMV graph is somewhat too optimistic for older men. Well, rather unsurprising, considering his own circumstances.

    1. You know, that didn't even click. Posturing paper warriors waving their e-peen around. Of course. There's definitely been a lot of trolling over there on RM. I once saw Rollo lose his rag at one of them. The high road can be hard, however at least you get some satisfaction in trying to keep your personal dignity.

      I'm uncertain about his SMV graph and older men. I have had the younger set hitting on me - yet I know for a certainty that the girls involved were going through difficult phases (death of father, breakup of family/marriage, that sort of crap). It sets up a potential dynamic of taking advantage of the emotionally confused and vulnerable which I have chosen not to pursue - others may do as they choose.

      It's like getting involved with a single mommy or divorced woman with children - especially female children. You're supposedly going to come in and "be the daddy" (good luck) with a bunch of emotionally confused and vulnerable children. Yet the dynamic is so messed up that you never know what kind of incestuous muck-up might occur: something to be damned wary of, a potential major drama and disaster in the making.

  2. I consider The Rational (sic) Male is have swallowed every ridiculous concept in the Manosphere fish, hook, line, sinker, rod, reel and boat.

    1. You forgot the ocean as well.

      I'm beginning to concur. Sticking a convenient label on things indiscriminately is a dynamic to be wary of, in myself as well.

  3. Okay, a light (belatedly) dawns. It seems that many of the blog authors who seem to be chucking out an "MGTOW are losers" message generally have skin in the game. As in many are selling infoproducts ($$$) and generally a MGTOW doesn't require much in the way of "buy X to get hawt chicks" product. (The Churchian blogs have a slightly different slant, still emotional skin in the game though.)

    Having someone who goes "ho fucking hum" naturally attracts their ire. They can't sell to 'em, plus they don't like the thought of their demographic wandering away to go "ho fucking hum" in their turn. Solution: label the MGTOW as losers, hate on them, etc. It's an entirely rational reaction when you look at it, to the threat of the loss of their income stream.

    So the modus operandi of these guys is roughly as follows (much like other internet marketers and hucksters):

    1/ Give away simple information to attract interest
    2/ Sell 10,000 cheap infoproducts at $5 each, drawing the buyer into your marketing funnel
    3/ Sell 1,000 more infoproducts at $15 each, the buyer is drawn deeper into your marketing machine
    4/ Sell 100 more infoproducts at $200 each, the buyer gets deeper still
    5/ Sell 10 infoproducts at $2000 each, the final sell to the deeply converted buyer

    Sometimes I'm just slow to get it. My own blind-spot, not applying the marketing knowledge I've gained to the Manosphere: an expanding market of deeply dissatisfied men.

  4. By not engaging, they do call you a looser, but that makes both you and Ghandi losers.

    They don't know what and why they believe. Whilst you do, and that's why I like your blog (plus you're crankier than me, so I really do feel zen).

    They are becoming very fundamental, and probably soon they will instigate what will be called the MGTOW burning times.

  5. I read many blogs, including Rational Male, which is one of my favorites. Along with our favorite Unc'

    As I understand it, RM is taking to task men, who with no accompliahents, no experience, no social skills, and no courage to change themselves, suddenly justifying their inertia by calling themselves MGTOWs. Much like fat girls revel in "Fat Acceptance" because they don't have the will or energy to lose weight. I do not get the sense that he is raking to task men of accomplishment and experience who have made a conscious choice to lead their lives outside the hideous system modern men find themselves in.

    1. Yeah there's definitely a chunk of that going on out here in internet-land. Which I find peculiar: if they can't be arsed trying, why are they bothering to comment at all? Is their ego/soul that small and shriveled up and lacking that they have to seek some form of "herd approval" for their laziness? Some form of pathetic externally-applied medicine to keep up their self-delusions of self-worth?

      Newsflash for that type: they're still the same sucking hole of emptiness and self-loathing insecure longing inside. Worse in fact because they can't deal with it in any form. Sure, if they want to be lazy, their choice - there's no need for them to lie about it to anyone and they'd be better off in their own heads if they admitted it to themselves.

    2. These are usually also the guys who seem to make up a checklist of rules as to what it means to be a MGTOW. Typical among those rules is you must believe that all women are money grubbing whores and a "true" MGTOW can have nothing to do with them. To those guys I say: talk to me after you've actually had sex with a woman. Har!

      In any case, MGTOW is a lifestyle choice, not a label like Dem or Repub. Once you start defining a checklist for others, you probably aren't one.

  6. Thanks, Black Soul Poison. I ain't gonna lie, their shaming attempt almost did work on me. Reading your post did make very good points about the hatchet job Rollo was doing. It is Femininism Lite in terms of using one or so of the Catalogue of Feminist Shaming Tactics.

    And the major point here, yes indeed, follow the money! Rollo has a book to sell. Why not put some poisoned Kool Aide to MGTOWs to make some dough? Profit will not be as good with a growing group of MGTOWs, of course. And he can't have that!

    1. The sad thing is, it doesn't even need to be conscious. Doublethink and lies to the self, we men do these things as well as women do.

  7. "The problem with MGTOWs is that they make not making women their mission their mission." -
    someone at Rollo's.

    My answer: "And whose problem is it?" Apparently, I 'need' a reeducation camp to become aware of my problems. Because living alone has to be a problem, right? :)

    1. "The Ministry of Disinformation will have to give you a severe talking-to. The doublethink must be drummed properly into your head."

      It's interesting when somebody suggests that you "need" something - you are obviously not a member of the herd, thus guilty of the crime of hatethought. "We shall korrekt your thinking for the good of Amerika!"

      Their minds are painfully restricted. I can sympathize somewhat. Breaking through the conditioning can be a bloody hard process.

    2. Heh. A nice exchange between The Diplomat and Divided Line. Personally, I agree with 447 the most, Vulpine being close second.

      "After all, one must be happy with himself before being happy with another". - make a gender flip. What percentage of women would that disqualify outright? :)