Sunday 1 March 2015

Your Priorities in Life

Here is a list of your priorities in life:

1/ Work

2/ Health (exercise)

3/ Learning

4/ Home (owned or rented)

5/ Fun (hobbies and the like mostly by yourself - may include learning and health)

6/ Family (parents, siblings, maybe a wife and children)

7/ Fun with others (friends, FBs/FWBs, games, girlfriends, mistresses, ONSs, socializing, sports, etc)

Certainly things can change short-term (a parent goes into hospital, a friend's sister gets killed and you spend extra time with them, etc). Long-term though, this should be your list of priorities and in that order. Don't let it get too out of whack for long.

You will note how far down the list girls (and wives) are.


  1. It would be problematic to still have work as your first priority when you finally reach mandatory retirement age. About the home, if it's not dilapidated, then it doesn't require constant attention. My biggest concern here is relatively high water table and occasional water seepage into the basement. You wouldn't want this inside your house, would you? :)

    1. And your eating and sleeping habits also affect your health.

    2. For example this rather common affliction:
      I don't want to leave this untreated if/when I develop it, like my father does.