Worthwhile Books


Anatomy of Female Power - Chinwizu Ibekwe
The Manipulated Man - Esthar Vilar
The Predatory Female - Reverend Lawrence Shannon
Sperm Wars - Robin Baker
What Men Know That Women Don't - Rich Zubaty
On Bullshit - Harry G Frankfurt


Classic Fiction:

The Day of the Jackal - Frederick Forsyth
The Dogs of War - Frederick Forsyth

Classic SF:

Armor - John Steakley
Starship Troopers - Robert Heinlein

Modern SF:

A Desert Called Peace - Tom Kratman
Carnifex - Tom Kratman
The Lotus Eaters - Tom Kratman
The Amazon Legion - Tom Kratman
Come and Take Them - Tom Kratman
The Rods and the Axe - Tom Kratman

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