Monday 30 March 2015

LGBT are Dodo's

Modern-day, soon-to-die, whack-job mindset dodo's whose passing will merely be a blip footnote in the long history of mankind.

So I'm on facecrap to stay in touch with a few friends overseas. It has the added benefit of letting me monitor the fucked-up shit that the whores of society think is actually important. You know, duckface selfies, twerking, Miley Ray Syphilis, the latest Kardashian dribbling, all that motherfuckin' bullshit.

Unfortunately it also lets me have a look into the mindset of some of the modern "men" these days. You know, the ones who lap up the runny shit of every halfway-decent-looking whore out there. "Wowwwww hotttt!" "You look so good babe!" "Soooo sexxxxxyyy!!!!1!!" So transparently begging for the slightest sniff of that cunt. It is to puke.

Which brought to my attention an attention-whore who goes by the name "Lizzy the Lezzy". Oh how alliterative, oh how transparently marketing focused, oh what prized fodder for the academics and leftists and social justice warriors to go into spasms of wanking over. All for their own feelgoodz and profit as they shear the sheep of their stupidly-gotten gains. Baaaaa.

So what is Lizzy the Lezzy? Supposedly some lesbian who is the "daughter" of a lesbian household. Obviously an attention-whore, she posts up generically banal "answers" to the supposedly-deep questions that people ask her about issues of being a lesbian and how her life has gone. All the attention that she wants, just because she is "brave and battling" and out on the interwebz for all to see.
I do mean banal. A massive case of ho fucking hum. This is the socially inane drivel of the evolutionary dead-end who deludes themselves into thinking that they have something of meaning to put out there. However, they probably lap up the fuckin' likes. I'm not an evolutionary dead-end. I'm relevant!

No duh motherfuckers, you're so relevant and full of meaning that you have to "come out of the closet" so that you can do your bit to "raise awareness" about the issues that you and other mentally-fucked dead-ends have to deal with. Never mind that in a hundred years you'll all be as relevant as a wooden fuckin' nickel.

(An aside, if you set up a "charity" to "deal with" LGBT issues you can make bank in "administrative fees" - there's plenty of low-life bottom-feeders who cater to dead-end minorities like this. I'd almost encourage it. Maybe you can milk the fuckin' government as well as the stupid damn sheep. Bring it down faster.)

Yes, we'll get through all this dogshit somehow, humanity will continue to survive. Even as our population in the West declines and crime rises. All the academic, leftist, "wouldn't it be nice" fucktardisms will eventually go out the motherfuckin' window. All the attention-whores will die off. Every piece of shit motherfucker who pushes the agenda of these evolutionary dead-ends will eventually die also, and their self-serving agenda of "share and make life easier for them and by the way I'll take a cut" mindset will go with them.

It won't be too fuckin' soon for my liking.

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