Saturday 21 March 2015

The Elusive NAWALT aka Unicorn

So I'm revisiting the Yes All Women Are Like That post once more. It's been a long time since I wrote that - over 2 years ago.

My opinion hasn't changed any. Here's why the revisit.

Over on Reddit (/r/MGTOW) a man is wondering if we're doing a stereotype that is basically bullshit. He's looking for the elusive NAWALT, aka the Unicorn. In the responses is what I consider an exceptionally clear explanation of why NAWALT is false and YAWALT is true.

I'm for MGTOW, but...
Reason I say this is because a lot of the MGTOW material I read seems to be about a particular demographic of females, like a young, middle-class, college-educated, feminist-leaning, strongly heterosexual American white girl who frequents bars and clubs and is sexually active. I don't see a lot of the generalized mentalities of female on the non-Western, or the introverted, quiet, shy, asocial, queer or "ambisexual" girls, or women in general who aren't self-aware of what they do or their tastes. 
I tend to think too broad of generalizations—saying "all women..."—tend to hurt credibility. I'm looking for a more specific profiling to pinpoint the whys.
He has a very fair point here. So we need to explain more clearly what makes us state YAWALT, when that is self-evidently and logically not going to be true. It can't possibly be true. Commentor thrownaway_MGTOW nails it thoroughly. Here is what he said, paraphrased and condensed.
Yes the NAWALT aka Unicorn does exist. However, they are off the market more-or-less permanently - unless their sweetheart/husband is accidentally killed and widows her before 28yo. Why? Because they are already taken and not available - snapped up early they are the real-deal faithful type. They met their match while young and got married by age 21 - probably much earlier.

Equally, anyone "taken" that you see in a bar/club - what the fuck are they doing there? They're keeping their options open, which means that by definition they are a YAWALT. This includes places like MeetUp, MeetMe, church/social/hobby group, etc. They still rode the cock carousel in their time, now they're getting past it and trying to attract a man before the biological clock rings the "your fertility is toast" bell.

These girls were already damaged goods before they got started, moreso now - whether they were fucked by 5/50/500 men. Whether they were "self-aware" or not. [We know the lies that women tell themselves. No women is fully "self-aware". She can't afford to be. - BPS]

Queer or ambisexual girls. By definition they are fucked in the head or they wouldn't be queer or bisexual or weird in this manner. Whichever type, these whack-jobs aren't interested in a guy. Including you. [What the fuck are you even considering these nutjobs as potential NAWALT's? Their only use is as potential threesomes. - BPS]

Introverted, quiet, shy, asocial girls. These are hiding, for whatever reason. It could be they're simply not that interested in guys, or perhaps they're the victim of some kind of abuse. If they're not interested then they're not interested. If they're a victim of some kind of abuse then they're fucked in the head and probably aren't interested in any guy. Including you. You ain't gonna run across them on a daily basis, if at all.

Non-Western women. These girls are happy and pleasant, a delight to be around. [Because they still understand that it's much easier to lure their prey with honey rather than vinegar. A fact that Western women have collectively lost sight of. - BPS] Underneath they are exactly the same as Western women, especially once they are brought into a situation where they have the same options as Western women. To keep them happy and pleasant you need to keep them in their culture and you must remain firmly in control - and pray that the Western culture doesn't spread and ruin it. [Too late. - BPS]

TL/DR: If you didn't marry some "high school sweetheart" you're shit outta luck. Everything left is damaged goods in varying degrees.
So yes, the NAWALT does exist. Already taken when young. What's left is the dregs and damaged shit that stumbles around in a daze, riding the cock carousel while attempting to rationalize away the bullshit they're pulling.

So practically-speaking, for every woman that you will ever meet (sans perhaps 1-2 flukes in your entire lifetime): YAWALT is the overwhelming truth.


  1. Difficult to argue with. Unfortunately men do not understand this until it is too late and, like me, married a former carousel rider. Society keeps this hidden from young men because, well, society needs dutiful worker slaves.

    1. It is hard for a man to overcome years of social conditioning to truly understand this. I also married a former carousel rider. With eagle-eye hindsight I see this now.

      Society always needs its blood, sweat and diesel. Originally society gave some benefits to men for their sacrifices - no longer. This is where society has run amok.

  2. People tend to forget that things that are generally true probably apply to them, too. It's easy to think "AWALT, except obviously for this nice person that I am talking to right now". Women are very good at nice when it suits them: it's their stock in trade. The reason NAWALT is a mantra is that it's so easy to fail or forget to translate it into life, to skip applying it to the real women that you actually meet in your day-to-day.

    Assume NAWALT. There's a reason we call 'em unicorns. If you saw a unicorn, saw one with your own eyes, what would you conclude? Which is more likely?

    1. I have AWALT and NAWALT completely the wrong way around in this post. Duh. I'm sure you get what I mean.

    2. Illusion, mirage, or delusion on my part. In any way, shape or form not true - which is tricky 'cause if you did actually run across one, you wouldn't believe it. You'd assume that someone was fuckin' with your head or lying to you to try and get something out of you.

      I have run across plenty of these types. On the surface they appear to be a NAWALT. Thankfully I have always treated them very cautiously and with great disbelief. Kept them at arms-length.

      One in particular I found was exceptionally good at the surface illusion/chameleon. It was only after she casually confessed that she'd dated three guys in two years, including a certain sack-of-shit PUA acquaintance, that I realized she was actually a very-well-hidden YAWALT. Those were just the one's she admitted to, there'll have been others.