Monday 17 February 2014

Pedophiles in Power

First up: this was happening in the early 1980's. This news release was back in December 2013, almost surreal.

So, back in the early 1980's the good old Brit government supported a group who lobbied for the minimum age of consent to be lowered to 4yo. Actually lobbied for it. You can read the goss in the linked article - it's quite enlightening. Power has its privileges, including the privilege of having certain inconvenient things swept under the rug.

A while back, I looked up the old ages of consent. They used to be 10yo, or 7yo if you were married. This is across the world and varied a bit - go have a google search, it's interesting. You might even find the picture of the preggers 10yo prostitute from Victorian times.

In those days life was harder, you did what you had to do to survive. These days we coddle our children, wrap them in cotton-wool. And then you see the above bit of nastiness.

This sort of thing seriously makes me want to laugh. Enjoy the poison in our world!

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