Tuesday 25 February 2014

Anger, Bitterness, and Scars

Men in the Manosphere are often accused of being bitter and angry.

Yep. Fucking oath.

We are told to get over it. (The implication being that we should just forgive and forget.)

Nope. Pull the other one.

Why not?

Why should we. As if we should listen to bullshit platitudes and mealy-mouthed self-serving advice from what are laughingly called women these days. They have no attention for anyone other than themselves. When they come out with the bullshit, we see through that to the selfishness of the underlying agenda.

Further, you women have no clue. So in the interests of giving you a clue:

• go to jail for 10+ years for a crime that you did not commit

• when you come out of jail, describe: how you feel, think, speak, and react to others

• share your thoughts on all that was taken from you

• work out how you are going to get back your lost time

My anger, bitterness, and scars were frivolously gifted to me in return for the crime of lavishing 10+ years of my life on another. For extra insult I have had to endure what in retrospect has been 3.5 years of drawn-out divorce crap without a moment's respite to begin the process of healing. Another death by a thousand tiny cuts, rubbed into my face on a daily basis - thankfully I'm towards the end of that particular tunnel. Thankfully there were no children involved in that wringer.

Don't you dare be either consoling or condescending. All that you expose by doing so is your pathetic lack of empathy, selfish agenda, and greediness. These bring forth my scorn.

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