Friday 21 February 2014

Where Are All The Good Women

I have been thinking about the age-old complaining refrain of: Where are all the good men? (This was triggered by a typical written piece where a woman whinges about where are all the good men. News sites, typical drivel, humph. Not worth linking to.)

The reverse suddenly struck me: Where are all the good women?

At first glance this sounds dumb as fuck. I mean, we hear women whinging about everything in life. Work, men, fashion, men, the cost of stuff, men, ad nauseum. There are no good women. The average girl might look like a dream, be gracious on the street, be whorish in bed, and all. Yet after 15+ years riding the cock carousel - pushing out another man's illegitimate baby - getting frivorced (sometimes twice) - you can't really consider them to be good women.

So, are there none at all?

For years, where are all the good men. The answer is simple: married, in a relationship, or not interested in you. Especially if you have kids. The average Nice Guy™ man is invisible to women. Also, these days, we have been so beaten on by women that we will no longer go out there and look for the type of woman we want.

Yet where are the good women?

If she is:

• independent (you sure of that? very few women actually make something of worth, the rest is make-work bullshit - often funded by the government)

• strong (has a bad attitude a mile wide, along with an entitled princess attitude that sets the teeth on edge)

• career-driven (has no time for a boyfriend, kids, or even herself)

• has standards (mostly inane and laughably stupid)

These are not the traits of a good woman.

These are the traits of a selfish woman who wants to do whatever she wants, with the expectation of being able to have everything handed to her on a plate. This makes her lazy and uninterested in doing anything to move the process along of finding a man. The whining comes from not getting what she wants at every moment of the day.

She typically has sex with multiple men in her life, the "hot" ones who are effectively the dregs of society. Once she gets no more "hot" guy interest she will be very choosy in settling with the best average guy that she can attract. Actually we can't blame her being very choosy for her last throw of the dice - make the best of what you got, chicky-babe.

Once she gets bored she frivorces (again?), lives it up for a bit, and finds another average guy - if lucky. If not: cats and misery.

There seem to be a lot of shitty women out there. All trying to pass themselves off as good women, when any man with a gram of sense knows that they're nothing more than sex-objects. It's all they know and have been and are good for, they know nothing about being a true woman and wife and mother and raising children properly.

So where are the good women? Are they truly that thin upon the ground?

Let's look at it like they are men. They are: married, in a relationship, or not interested in us. Drowned out in the noise. Lost in the sea of sluttiness. To the point that they are invisible to us also. Or too entitled (read: lazy) to step out there and actively go look for the type of man she wants.

An interesting thought-experiment, with perhaps some truth behind it.

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