Wednesday 5 February 2014

Fifty Shades of Fad

As the Red Pill goes more mainstream, we start seeing women come wandering into our places of talk. You might ask yourselves why. They tend to be:

• argumentative

• blubbery/whiny


• supportive (sometimes)

The most insidious of the type (to my mind) is the superficially supportive ones. It's like they're doing a testing process, to try and gauge the strength of your convictions. Then, they are slowly persuaded into "believing" your stuff. To becoming Red Pill Women™.

The reality is that women are superficial chameleons and take the shape of your thoughts and desires as their own outer coloring. While this might seem dishonest (actually, it IS dishonest) you need to realise why they are doing this: to snare you. To lure you into marriage and commitment. To make you her man.

Of course, if you fold to any of this testing or the testing after marriage, then she's unhaaaapy and goes to find another to snare. This one ain't good enough.

So. Given the mostly-maggot-men these days, these predators are starting to flock to the places where real men now congregate: the Manosphere. We've already had one man (Mark Minter) succumb to one of these so-called Red Pill Women (GeishaKate). According to their words things aren't all sweetness and light, there's still some friction and fighting upon occasion.

This doesn't seem Red Pill Woman to me. Still combative, nasty, mannish, etc - rather than feminine and submissive. The way that women would have to be if they truly want to get my attention properly. Even after their getting together, she still wandered into the Manosphere to be argumentative and pushy, etc. Looking to trade up already? Hypergamy is a bitch.

Still, I wish Mark well. Never really knew him, never put him on a pedestal like the other men in the Manosphere. It didn't bug me when he went off to do his thing with a 30yo single mommy (not certain sure, she might be divorced). His choice to support her in her old age and to bring up some (bastard?) spawn of another man - no matter how foolish in my eyes.

It does illustrate the dynamic though. More women invading our spaces - trying to capture us from our spaces - sometimes succeeding.

A message for men: don't be fooled.

A message for women: shit or get off the pot.

Like Fifty Shades of Grey, these women will (chameleon-like) take on Fifty Shades of Red Pill. All the better to fool us, all the better to get what they want. Always, always out for number one: to snare a man to look after them.

Just another fad.

Just taking on the colors to retain social control of men.

Am I saying that you shouldn't do this? Hell no! It's your fuckin' life, your choice to do as you please. I'm saying to be wary. I'm saying to take not one gram of shit. I'm saying that you're risking another frivorce. I'm saying that you need to set up your life so that she cannot take it over or ruin it for you. I'm saying that it's your way or the fuckin' highway, and the bitch had better like it that way.

The wise man will make her get back into the kitchen and examine her behaviour minutely - to see if she actually likes it, actually enjoys doing stuff for her man, or is simply putting on a convenient disguise for a time.

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