Tuesday 18 February 2014

What Makes Men Attractive

Even if a man doesn't have any interest in women or sex or reproducing, what makes him a sexy object to women are things that will make his life awesome as an individual. Things like:

Physical fitness
Admiration from others

Hang on. Objectification?!

Objectification is baaaad! Waaaaaa!

Oh wait. Not if you're a woman who is rubbing one out to the image of Dave Beckham. Objectification only matters if it's a man doing it to a woman, not vice versa.

He. He. He.

I enjoy when I'm objectified by women. They realise that I have money, they see that I'm self-sufficient, they see that I have the respect and admiration of others, they see my physical fitness. I am a sexy beast.

Can't touch that, girls. That's for my use, not yours. Just like my time and sweat are for my benefit.

All men should become sexy beasts. Make the effort to make your life awesome.

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