Friday 15 May 2015

MRA and MGTOW - Love and Hate Mixture

On my post about what marriage is for, commentor Anonymous made some very interesting statements:
I do like how in the game of thrones, the dwarf says "screw the king, fight for your families" 
That's the bottom line of why they fought, riches and better life for their children. 
The crusades were made up of 2nd sons for that reason (and I'm a 2nd son). 
Now, they cannot say that. They have sold out men's greatest motivation. Hence they (feminists, females, cultural marxists) have betrayed us, especially themselves. 
This is why all the articles about wanting men to come back are about. 
They are also to stupid to realize they shot themselves in the foot. 
Today a man can only fight for his own honor. MGTOW is the new paradigm for men.
He (both Anonymous and the dwarf) is totally right. It is all about your family - parents, siblings, beloved, children. When you don't get a family, then you're not going to do shit about a situation.

Which seems to be where a large part of the divide between the MGTOW and MRAs comes in. The MRAs do have a family and it's being torn to shreds. The MGTOW don't have a family, because they're seeing what's happening to the MRAs and declining to get stuck in the mincer along with them. (This not including the incels, poor sods. You might consider them to be involuntary MGTOW.)

It's about motivation. For MRAs, the motivation to at least try and protect their blood. For MGTOWs, the motivation is to protect oneself - because there is nothing else to protect. Nor do the MGTOW really believe that there will ever be something to protect other than themselves. They simply cannot see themselves getting married to and having children with the women they can find out there.

I suppose that's the basis of the love-hate relationship. MGTOW are seen as being somewhat selfish by those who have skin in the game. It's even true, we are somewhat selfish: seeing the rigged parts we decline to participate overall. Never mind dropping through the bottom of the system: we step aside, climb out of the box, go do our own thing.

Feel like some sex along the way, that's fine, nothing particularly serious involved though. A kind of PUA-lite, as a commentor once put it. Can't be bothered at all with sex, that's fine, it's all your choice. Walk your own path. Go your own way.

So, a thought experiment. If it suddenly developed that I actually had a child who was being raised by an abusive mother - would I become more MRA-ish? Yep. In a heartbeat. Tooth and fuckin' nail. Then there'd be my skin in the game all right.

Now, from a purely selfish point of view, I see no reason at this late time in life to go out there and deliberately put my skin into the game. I'm overwhelmingly likely to get skinned alive. So being a (hopefully) sensible person, I stay away from the horseshit and drama (and retain my personal sanity) by pretty-much avoiding teh wimminz as much as possible. A lot of other Men feel the same way.

Which brings up one more thing that Anonymous said: "Today a man can only fight for his own honor. MGTOW is the new paradigm for men." I must agree. I will expand on this in another post.

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  1. As someone pointed out elsewhere: the single, unique thing that a man can get from a wife that he can get in no other way is legitimate sons. That's why children take the father's name - the woman gives them up to the man in exchange for a lifetime of labour and support. Now that a man's children - legally, practically - are no longer his, there's nothing on the table.