Thursday 7 May 2015

Masculinity and Self-Improvement

First, Roosh on Neomasculinity. I strongly suggest reading it and have the feeling that the comments will be as much of a goldmine as the meat of the original article.

Second, some of the Men over on Reddit (/r/MGTOW) are inspired by Monk Mode. Don't forget to grab the wallpaper that the Reddit Man created.

Both of which highlight a personal need to step back just a little, clear my head, refocus. Having these damn posts sprouting out from my subconscious is both handy and a pain in the ass. Mostly a pain in the ass, because I am starting to question the overall quality of the posts.

I've been aware of the personal need for some serious introspection for quite some time. Months. Between work, this blog, gym, learning a language, doing stuff around the house, climbing local peaks, and seeing various new places here in New Zealand - it's simply not happened.

Taking well-earned holidays has not happened.

Most especially: neither has there been any work on the book I've been trying to write. A serious lack of self-discipline is evident there.

Time to make time and space for introspection, reflection, and reassessment.

There are a few posts still in the pipeline. I'll work on polishing them a bit rather than tossing off and publishing whatever strikes me at the moment. If I find myself being dragged back into this willy-nilly, it might be time to simply stop for a while. We'll see how that works out.

In the meantime, enjoy yourselves. Have a beer on me.


  1. I knew you'd go Zen.

    I feel smug like the oracle from the matrix (joke).

    I've been reading you for a while as your posts are excellent, I have a feeling that this will be a new start for you.

    I know a while ago that you said you were not religious etc, just trust the force Luke, and remember that I believe you have a lot more to say.

    Welcome to the renaissance.

    Who knows, you may become a little less cantankerous, and push me into pole position.

    Trust me, you'll have too much you want to write about.

    Namaste (I've always wanted to say that annoying phrase in a relevant setting, without being an idiot)

    1. Zen, perhaps. Maybe it's peeking out from the cracks. I don't know, can only see myself from the inside.

      I think I'll always be cantankerous, simply mellow out a bit and be less foul-tempered.

  2. Hahaha! Do you remember my comments several months ago that there is a possibility of dizygotic twins with a different father for each one? Lo and behold, GBFM has posted this link today:

    1. I remember. Sheesh. I wonder how many guys were in that gang-bang/eiffel tower.