Monday 11 May 2015

Female Dirty Tricks

There is one thing that I've come across again fairly recently. I wasn't going to bother with it, then realized that I'm not sure if some men are consciously aware of it - and it might cause an "ah-ha!" moment for those who haven't quite clicked to it yet.

It's the tendency of women to take advantage of a Man at his most relaxed periods:

* just woken up
* right after sex
* tired after a long day

At that point she will come up with a demand for something that she wants. Usually nominally relationship-based (spending more time together or making it more of a formal arrangement). Sometimes it can be of a more mercenary ($$$) nature (often disguised as something "romantic" that can be done as a couple).

Of course, being relaxed the man might mumble an assent out of sheer reflex.

If not then nag him. Until he acquiesces or gets extremely pissed off. If he acquiesces - hooray! If he gets pissy - drama! Either way she's won.

Because men will generally grumble yet do what they've agreed to in the heat of the moment. Even though we've been manipulated. We kinda know we have been, on some level, yet we have the grace (aka brainwashing) to still keep our word to our manipulator. Even though we might be pissy about it on the whole.

If it happens on a semi-regular basis, then things will gradually build up in his subconscious - until he finally decides that he's had enough, that he's not happy with the way things are going, and he dumps her. At which time it's an opportunity for her to indulge in more drama. The real reality is that while she may have won individual battles, she's actually lost overall.

There is another couple of situations which this can manifest in too:

* when he's horny
* when he's sick

Ever agreed to something when you're horny? If so then you know intimately what I'm meaning when I say that you just got manipulated and screwed-over. There's even a socially-acceptable situation where women take advantage of this all the time: "Buy me a drink? Thanks, bye sucker!" (There's a reason PUA's flipped the script on these grasping whores, with the old-school: "No, but you can buy me one.")

Any of this is very nasty behavior on a woman's part. Deliberately manipulating a man during these moments in life. Nagging him until he acquiesces just to get her to shut her mouth. Note that this would be the default action for most men. Not to harp on the "mangina" or "beta" or the like - most men have been trained by their mothers/sisters/school/society that saying "no" to a woman is A Bad Thing™. Reinforced by their father having to knuckle under and give mommy what she wants.

Because of this training most guys aren't gonna give her a nasty look and say: "I just woke up and you've just been a bitch and given me a shitty start to the day. Piss off." Where the reality is that any of that kind of behavior is grounds for an instant: "Get lost." For all time, never let her back into your life.

Manipulation. Deceit. Underhandedness. Nasty, cold and calculating selfishness. A real piece of work.

All the hallmarks of a greedy predator trying to get her way.

If you've just had that "ah-hah!" moment - remember it for future reference.

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