Sunday 31 May 2015

Righteous Anger vs Bitter Hatred

People need to understand the difference between:

* righteous anger
* bitter hatred

The sooner people stop automatically saying to someone: "You're a misogynist!" the better. Simply by attempting to shame someone in this manner shows to the world how closed and unthinkingly judgmental their mind is. It's so very unattractive - though the men and women who use this type of shaming language are incapable of grasping that subtlety of nuance. (A brick to the head would go unnoticed too.)

So here is the difference:

Righteous Anger: Anger that is justified for various reasons. In the context of the manosphere, that "righteous anger" is towards those who told them the lies and handed them the treatment that they've been dished out by others (typically feminuts and their mangina/white knight enablers, plus women who proclaim "I'm not like that!" while hypocritically being exactly like that - or worse).

Bitter Hatred: This has become the conflated trope of the now, where the word "misogynist" automatically means someone who is "bitter" and "hating" of women. Yes, there are men out there who are bitter towards and harbor hatred for women. Saying some men = all men is typical female non-logic: some P is Q, therefore all P is Q.

Some men hate women, therefore all men hate women.

Some men are rapists, therefore all men are rapists.

Funny how it always negatively put, instead of positively. How about this?

Some men give women multiple screaming orgasms, therefore all men give women multiple screaming orgasms.

Yeah, you're never gonna see that one around at all. Gives men far too much value. Can't have that! The vibrator is far more important than any man - and she will cry bitterly if that breaks, at least until she gets another one. (Funny how a man-substitute is just as disposable as a man, in the end...)

Misogynist (defn.): A man who hates women as much as women hate each other.

I'd have that put on my gravestone, however I sincerely doubt that I will be so fortunate as to have a gravestone. Assuming that that kind of posterity really matters to me. On the whole I have to say that it doesn't.

Maybe I should carve it on a mountain before I die, in letters 100 feet tall...


  1. I understood that as 'all men are potential rapists'. It's like not all people are thieves, but all can be. As for being called a misogynist, I no longer care. I usually answer that I am an equal opportunity misanthrope. :)

    1. I absolutely must protest! As a I strongly dislike being lumped in with that other lot! Hahahah!

      I don't think that anyone's actually called me a misogynist. Even when I turned around and said flat-out to a woman's face that feminism sucked and was a disease. I'd probably laugh in their face and say: Damn straight! (Agree and Amplify.)