Monday 23 February 2015

Lies Women Tell Themselves About Oopsies

So approximately 40% of children are oopsies, the girl wasn't planning on getting pregnant, it just happened. Never mind the scientifically-proven <1% failure rate of The Pill.

From The Great Female Con by Andey Randead:
But if you want proof [that it's no accident], here's how you get it. If it was genuinely an accident, then accidents can be fixed. If she resists fixing the accident because she's suddenly Mother Theresa and can't fix it on religious grounds, it's not an accident. If she can't fix it on moral grounds, it's not an accident. If she can't fix it because she's afraid of medical complications, it's not an accident. 
Bottom line is, if she's claiming it was an accident and she still wants the baby, it was not an accident. If for any reason keeping a child really wasn't what she wanted and didn't work for her, she would have the problem fixed in a heartbeat, no questions asked. Putting up any resistance whatsoever to fixing the problem is proof that it was planned.
It gets better:
Some women actually get sloppy in their birth control on purpose so they can even convince themselves that it was an accident. She doesn't want to live with knowing the only reason you married her is because of her getting herself pregnant. She, too, wants to believe it was an accident. You stepping up once you heard of this accident is what they want to believe. 
That's how women can be. Not only do they want "the program" badly, but they want it on their terms and on circumstances that make them feel better about it. So, even putting her on a polygraph machine to determine the truth won't necessarily get you the truth, because often they, too, come to believe it was an accident.
There you have it. A lie that she has deceived herself into believing. Then she can pass it on with a clear conscience without a chance of being caught out in it. Andey Randead has even more to say about this:
And guess what? Guys don't have a clue. I think this is in part because guys can't believe that these "innocent, soft, kind" creatures could ever be so cruelly calculating. Well, guys, believe it. Don't forget, in their minds it's not cruel and calculating, it's just giving you the necessary incentive that you need to get you to do the right thing. 
In their minds, this is for you, too. Oh yes, the great female con, getting what they want and having it be for you. They've done it all for you. Aren't they wonderful, thinking of us so much. In credible. And guys buy it all day long.
I can actually imagine that doublethink going through her head, because she is not reflecting upon her actions, checking them against her morals, and her conscience is never engaged. When you can give it that level of doublethink-spin, it's no wonder that us Men can't figure out what the hell is going on here. Also why we're so easily, easily fooled by this sort of manipulative cuntism.
The one female con that bothers me the most is this "oops" one. This is the most selfish, cruel, presumptuous, and condescending con of all.
Yes indeed. If you pulled that kind of shit on her, imagine the shit-storm from heaven that would rain down. Andey goes on to state that there are three things in life no one should ever be pressured, coerced, or forced into doing.

1/ Having sex.
2/ Getting married.
3/ Having children.
This is a huge commitment and obligation that will follow you for the rest of your life. This should not be forced on anyone. Could you imagine the fallout if a man forced a woman to bear a child, carry it to term, and then look after it for the rest of her life if she didn't want to? Holy shit, the sky would fall from the protests. 
Yet women think nothing of it when they force that on some schmoe, legally burdening him for life, saddling him with this responsibility when he wasn't ready or wanting a child. Women justify it by thinking, Well, he just needed a nudge; he was ready. 
How would women feel if guys were to say the same thing about determining when she was going to have sex with him? Just force it on her and say, Well, she just needed a nudge; she was ready. 
I can't even imagine the fallout. This is the one con that proves, more than any, all the things that I have accused women of being. The fact that they can, in good conscience, do something like that to another human being is proof of all I have called them in this book.
He is totally right. That is pretty-much proof of every single accusation about women in the Manosphere. It shows starkly the inner doublethink and lies going on in women's heads, to make themselves feel better about themselves, to live with their lies and bullshit, to protect her self (and incidentally the selves of other women).
Of course, her initial motive is to land you. However, as with getting married, women have nothing to lose. If they don't land you by having your child, they'll just settle for the support. Either way, it's a no-lose situation for them.
Good luck if you mention this kind of thing to a woman though - screaming fits will ensue.
La la lalala la la lalala - I can't hear you! (The bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe. That's some serious hoe-sized earrings this one is showing to the world. Make sure that you don't get her pregnant and please - please! - never put a ring on it.)

Don't be complacent either. The "oops" card can be played multiple times, even if she's already married. It all depends what she wants. Thoughts about you don't come into it - beyond the thought of how to keep you her slave for as long as possible.

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Hey Anonymous - there is a chapter in The Great Female Con about how women lie to themselves. Strangely serendipitous, given I just picked it up to read last night. Been floating around for ages in my pile to stuff to go through.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to look at this.

    This has been my experience, and one in which I have warned my own sons about.

    I think these facets of women's behaviors, in relation to men, could be filed under gas lighting?

    1. I would hesitate to put it under the umbrella of gaslighting. That term is more used in conjunction with deliberate and conscious, full awareness of what you're doing and with a clear purpose in view. What I've been exploring is more the self-deceptive side of a woman and how she attempts to put a "nice" spin on her actions.

    2. True. The issue of what level of consciousness and awareness they operate from has always seemed to take a great deal of my time. I tend towards the more cynical, but that's due to my past experiences, of having a radical feminist mother, who really showed me what manipulation and self deception looks like close up.

      It's good that you're writing about the subtle, as I sometimes miss it, due to my experience with borderline personality women.

      I'm enjoying a different opinion, and I'm going to get that book, from what I can see of the comments, it's gold.