Saturday 14 February 2015

Ignore Vagina Day

I've already had a few girls trying it on with me.

"It's vagina-day, make me feel speshul!"

No thanks. You're just feeling entitled to it. So it's not special at all.

Though you are "speshul" if you think I'm going to acknowledge your existence more today than I normally do.

However I was bastard enough to take great pleasure in rubbing it in with regards to two girls that I know do not have men in their lives. "Have a happy Valentine's Day!"

"Oh, thank you! You too!" With pasted-on smiles.

Mean-ass fucking shitbag that I am.


  1. "It's vagina-day, make me feel speshul!"

    "Shouldn't you ask that of someone special to you?"

    1. "How about making me feel special." (Hell no!)

      "Did you do something special for your boyfriend?" (No.)

      Selfish buncha cunts, the lotta them.