Wednesday 4 February 2015

All About Her Experiences

I love, love, love FaceCrap for all the attention-whoring that it reveals amongst my woman "intimates". A prime example has cropped crapped up in the last couple of days.

The Eagles are coming in concert to the Vector Arena in Auckland, sometime in March. Which is all cool and shit, 'cause I kinda like the eagles. I grew up with 'em.

Along comes this decent-looking 35+ self-entitled twat splurting out with: "I spent $2,200 to go see him in March!"
I'm raising my eyebrows - really, $2,200 to go see a live performance of The Eagles? What fucking crack have you been smoking? Some of her other male friends seem to be just as incredulous - one commenter asks if she got gold-plated seats and gets to keep them. Oh no - she bought tickets for herself, her mother, and her father. Over $700 apiece (platinum seats - gold, so passé).
Incredible daughter alert indeed! She's also dribbling about this being the 3rd time seeing them live. One of her (female) friends is dribbling about how it's worth every penny (note the female validation from the herd).

Myself, I'm laughing inside. Half a week's wages per ticket for a fairly hefty-working Joe around here. Someone on minimum wage (about $15 an hour) that's a week's wages per ticket. More actually, once das gubermint rips out the taxes. Spent on a concert.

But wait - there's more! She's hoping that she can throw her bra to the stage from her seat.
A few more comments, then she decides: actually she's going to throw her undies! Just need to decide whether they should be clean or worn. Decisions, hard...
Yes, like he's going to want to specially pick up your undies and sniff them. "Mmmmm that smells soooo good. Get that cunt up here, I'm gonna ream all her holes seven ways from Sunday."

The best part: I know this chick doesn't make this kind of money. Her hubby, however, makes some decent dough. Her slave-man just spent a couple weeks wages so his slut can take her mommy and daddy to a concert, throw her panties up on stage to the musician that she has the hots for, and (maybe) get some high-status/famous cock crammed into her cunt. At least, in her dreams.

Damn amusing, seeing such cautionary tales for all men coming up in social media. Not even hiding it. Silly, silly cunts.


  1. James and the Giant Peach4 February 2015 at 12:17

    Fact is the husband might not even know.

    She can make a Facebook group with her husband and his set of friends. Then she can post specific status updates and set it to not show to that Facebook group and they. would. never. know.

    Just like he can't know how many propositions for sex she might get through her inbox alone.

    I deleted my Facebook, but chances will be hard to find a woman without Facebook close to my age.

  2. James and the Giant Peach4 February 2015 at 12:19

    I guess that isn't the answer though. That is like mateguarding.

    You have to somehow find a woman good enough to be surrounded with all of this tempting shit and not give into it.

    Like showering a man with hundred dollar bills and expecting him to not pick it up.

  3. I can just imagine it. "No, I don't have FaceBook."

    Instead she plays around on FuckBook and Tinder.