Saturday 30 November 2013

What is Life for a Man

Life is being politically incorrect.

Life is saying "fuck it".

Life is saying "fuck you".

Life is doing what you need and then what you want.

Life is being you, not what others think you should be.

Life is not explaining anything to anybody.

Life is not apologising for being yourself and looking after yourself to anybody.

Life is discerning who is rock-solid and who is shallow and flaky and ultimately meaningless.

Life is not doing shit for people who use you.

Life is improving and building.

Life is not taking bullshit.

Life is looking at someone who wants to hitch a ride on your wagon and saying "yes" or "no" - and not bullshitting them about it.

Life is looking at the rider on your wagon who is getting uppity about its direction - and saying "start walking".

Life is looking at reality through Crap-Colored Glasses™ and not rose colored glasses.

Life is looking a girl square in the eyes and saying "girl, I would fuck you any time."

Life is looking a girl square in the eyes and saying "girl, you are fat".

Life is looking Life square in the eyes and not backing down from its shit.

Life is getting up when Life knocks you down, now matter how momentarily weak you feel.

Life is that feeling when you know where you're going, what your track is, and you're sitting and savouring for a moment the progress so far.

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