Thursday 14 November 2013

Obamacare: The Most Beautiful Satire Possible

Obamacare. Where can we even begin...

Smoking-hot fattie and chubster manjaw lesbians, hurhurhur!

Drunken past-it cat-ladies!

Delusional wannabe party-slut fatties!

Delusional wannabe party-slut fattie *threesomes*!

Shotskis - so we can do more body-shots, bring on the vodka! Wanna have an orgy?

Ramen noodles let us afford fun (with alcohol)! Plus graduating with Worthless™ Degrees and waiting on tables 'cause that's all we're worth (the market doesn't lie).

Wannabe party-girl slut, with mouth wide-open to inset playa's cock! Either has lockjaw (claimable!) or Occupational Overuse Syndrome (claimable!).

And my fave - single mommy celebration! (There is no man in this picture, only Big Daddy Government Oh!bama-care.)

Oh-fuck-me-care, the greatest celebration of female stupidity and public call to irresponsible sex-fun-play on this planet. Thankfully the masses of men are utter sheep and will NEVER wake up to this celebration of the freedom of women.

Excuse my utter incoherent laughing, such obvious poison on display.

Addendum: The new American Anthem - "Oh thank you for fucking, we always wanted to..."

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