Friday 8 November 2013

The Media are Useful Idiots

Ah, the media. The bastion of truth, exposers of the wicked, etc etc et-fucking-cetera.

What a bunch of morons.

So, I've been watching with amusement the whole "Roast Busters" underage sex scandal thing that's been going on like a firestorm in the media. Actually, more like an overhyped damp squib: most girls start slutting it up around 10-11 years old.

Some retarded politician (Ms Arden - you can tell a sexless fembot by the prefix) asked (dribbled) about whether police questions about the complainant's clothing would imply that what the girl was wearing could influence the case. Well no shit Sherlock: if some underage chick has a habit of dressing slutty and getting plastered-drunk around highly-sexed boys, it fucking WILL influence the case.

Fucking feminist shithead. At least the answer shut you down: "I really think that we should stop jumping to conclusions." No fucking duh! Thank you Mrs Tolley (NOT a fembot). 

So, you know what we should really be worried about, don't you. That's right.

The media's circus has had one brilliant effect: it has inspired every other juvenile delinquent in New Zealand, plus reminded them not to post it on the internet. Oh, and to choose their victims more wisely.

Feminism thanks you, you useful idiots. Feminism thanks you for your poisonous message.

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